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Moussa Seck

He is on the Dallas Mavericks Summer league team. He is 7-4 from senegal, only playing for 2 years I think. There is next to nothing about him online except a nice human interest piece and a picture of him standing up putting a shoe on a roof. His wingspan looks unreal. He may be hopelessly raw, but I read on another site that he was the first one in the gym practicing, and figure that he probably see's a huge opportunity and is working his butt off. Does anynody know anything about this guy? It seems a little farfetched but he is only 22 and with about an 8 foot wingspan or so, part of me wonders how developed you need to be to make a positive impact. If he can stay injury free and spend 2 years speed learning basketball and maybe gaining some weight, it doesn't seem impossible.

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I don't know much about him

I don't know much about him but Dallas should stash him in the NBDL and let him develop. I think Dallas needs a Big man coach (Mutumbo?) who can work with him on some basic low post moves and Defense.

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Dont know anything about

Dont know anything about him, but I can bet that hes RAW as hell, since the Mavs wont pursue anything, i suggest the Rockets invest in him, can you picture him & Yao on the court at the same time? Holy shiit..

Rockets will probably bring in Mutumbo anyway, to help with the development of guys like Dorsey, so investing in this guy would make sense..

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Lets hope not but...

Desagna Diop 2.0..Dallas doesnt have a big man coach that can teach offensive moves, I can tell you that now. Otherwise Diop and Dampier wouldve been better than they are offensively. But they should D-League though.

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I bet he will be just like

I bet he will be just like Saer Sene.. He was 7 feet with a 7'9" wingspan that was also from senegal.. He ended up a bust, but he might have a similar game to his right now. Sene didn't really work out with the potential that he had, but who knows, maybe this guy has some potential too.

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I guy that big, and that

I guy that big, and that long of a wingspan?
I'll remember him, and see how he works out, im interested..

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