Wilcox to the Pistons

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Wilcox to the Pistons

Ok so the athletic Chris Wilcox signs with the Pistons. Does he make the team better or remain basically the same as they were? I have seen him play as a sonic and they guy can basically dunk on anyone in the league. He is athletic, but doesn't really have that much of a post game or is that great on defense. Was this a hit or miss on Detroits part?

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K Brown and now Wilcox...

K Brown and now Wilcox... Joe D is getting all the athletic big guys.... There's just one thing, they dont know how to play basketball.!!!

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is a hit they need somebody to replace mcdyess wilcox gives you 12 point and 8reb and a block a night better then kwame thats for sure and detroit was never a very athletic team they changed from non athletic and defense to ahtletic and offensive minded

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We did this yesterday. Dhamp

We did this yesterday.


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Wilcox is better than Kwame in my opinion. He will catch the ball and throw it down hard if he is in the paint.

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