Who will be the better Pro?

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Who will be the better Pro?

Ed Davis or Greg Monroe, and why?

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Scout good topic that is a

Scout good topic that is a tough question. I like Monroe because of his versatility but if Davis grows an inch he could be a great forward or Center. It is tough but I am going with Monroe but it is a close race.

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yea dis is a

Tought question as of right now davis has a better offensive game and above average defense. Monroe has better defense but a devolping offensive game he jus has to get tha takeover mentalitly and he could become great. I like ed davis better tho I like his game.

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Greg Monore

I think Greg Monroe has the better offensive game, well at least at more polished. Ed Davis hasnt shown me anything that good on offense that would lead me to believe he's better there than Monroe. Monroe seems like a more versatile player as well. Davis doesnt have true perimeter skills while Monroe does. I do think Davis is more active and a better defender though, even in the post. Monroe isnt really a good defender. But all in all, Id say Monroe.

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Greg Monore has the better all around game now. But I got to give it to Ed Davis. Ed Davis looks like he's far from a finish product. If you watch both players last season we can all agree Monore has a better skill set. But the problem with Monore hes way to passive and soft, and please don't tell me its because of the "Princeton Offense". I saw too many games where he passed up open shots within the offense and forced passes. For someone with his caliber of skills he never dominates. If Monore played with a mean streak/edge he would be hands down top 10 player in the NCAA. While Davis does not have the passing or dribbling skills of Monore, Davis defense, rebounding and post play counters Monore. But we'll know the answer to the question by the end of the season or at least half way through, because both players will have a large impact on his team in the upcoming season. I cant wait!

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