Who is gonna do it???

Someone is going to do it. I dont understand why, but someone will make a stupid decision to sign the free agent that will destroy their team. Allen Iverson is the last person I want on my team. Im sure I will get yelled at for this, however, Im sayin it. There is no room in todays NBA for AI. Everywhere he goes, he destroys the team moral and fries any chemestry they might have. If the Clippers decide to sign him, he will destroy Air Gordon and Blake Griffin. If the Grizz sign him, he will destroy Mayo and Conley. If the Heat sign him, he will make Wade and Beasly want to cry. If the Bobcats sign him, there goes Henderson and Augustine. He has said he would retire if he had to come off the bench. Is there a place where he could go and start? Think about it before you say something stupid. Where ever he goes, will already have a plan. They will be doing one of two things. The will be rebuilding and not want this guy to ruin or take shots from their youth, or they will be trying to win now with a couple superstars who wont be willing to give up shots or playin time.

So here is the question.

What GM is going to bite the bullet, try to sell some tickets, and sign Iverson???

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I dont believe this. Some

I dont believe this. Some teams need scoring. AI is only bad for team that do not need his scoring and are used to using a more team attack. He was never a good fit in Denver and Detroit beacuse they both needed a passer playmaker which is not. Denver had enough offensive power to be top in the league before the trade and they have too much talent not being used with AI dominating the ball. Also Detroit was team first attack on offense and defense and that was something that AI could not adapt too and he got hurt and when you are a top anything and you get hurt you get emotional and sometimes try to do too much to prove that you still got it.

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I would say that the teams that you keep hearing about...Bobcats, Clippers and Grizzlies are the most likely to give him a try. I think in the case of Clippers and Grizzlies that it will be purely because of how much money he can bring in. As far as the Bobcats go, I think MJ would really like to make an impact move, though I still think it would be somewhat financially motivated, just not as much as the other teams. I think he would believe that if anyone could coach AI, that it would be Larry Brown and I actually think the Bobcats probably have the best group of surrounding players to make signing AI work.

I also heard Miami was interested, but I don't think Riley would sign him unless he couldn't acquire anyone else to help out Wade. Iverson's best route may be to play the waiting game. See what team gets a key injury or what team gets desperate as the season goes on.

The funny thing is that he doesn't want to come off the bench, but if he would do so he would probably not only end up being 6th man of the year, but getting as many shots as he would like against inferior opponents. That's probably going to be his only shot at staying in the league and getting another nice pay day. It would be amazing to see him go the way of Barry Bonds. A productive player that can't find a team.

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Productive in the NBA 6

Productive in the NBA 6 years ago. The NBA game has changed and isnt as one on one oriented. Iverson could be unreal if he could play off the ball but he doesnt want to. I also agree that he could win the sixth man award.

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I agree

Like doubledribbler said he would be 6 man of the year like a Jason Terry if he would just except the role. He is making a mistake. He should get on a good team shut his mouth and eat up the teams second line players all the way to a ring. The thing is after what happend in Detroit I don't think any of those teams would want him.

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would not start 4 the clippers. First of all their not gonna sit baron davis who they a giving a hell of a lot of money to. and 2nd A.I. isnt goin to play sg for the clippers. thats a defensive nightmare waiting to happen. also say A.I. does start Baron isnt goin to waste his time guarding 2 guards. he will probably complain to he coach about sumthing or being overweight and outta shape will hinder his game. if A.I. plays 4 the clips he will be the 6th man case closed

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