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Both r good young pf, even tho aldridge has been n tha league loner who do u see being better 3 years for now, I wuld say randolph due to his ridiculous wing span, I kno as of right now aldridge is better but I can see randolph being better tho

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3 years from now...I'd say Randolph.

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If I had to pick

I would go with aldridge. I would'nt be suprised for one second if Randolph becomes better, he has all-star potential. But Aldridge will alway have a better low post game and a true pf who can demand the ball on the low box and either draw double teams or score one on one is harder to come by then a guy who does most of his damage on the perimeter. I think Randolph will be very similar to Odom in that he can do so many thing s well, but I don't know if he will ever be able to take games over offensively. I think people are maybe getting a little over excited by what he is doing in the summer league. I do think he will demand a starting spot and put up very solid unmbers next year.

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Randolph will be nice, but

Randolph will be nice, but I'm going with LA. LA just needs to start attacking the basket more instead of always settling for the turnaround jump shot.

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I think this is a great

I think this is a great question. I think I would go Randolph

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randolph right now aldridge

randolph right now aldridge is kinda soft

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as a blazer fan

i would go with la but he need to bang in the post and play better d and rebs are alwayz gud

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Not even close

Randolph. GS got him at 14 last year wow. One more spot and he would have been a Sun.

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Randolph's a stud, i'd take

Randolph's a stud, i'd take him everytime

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Randolph can do more stuff

Randolph can do more stuff now and the stats will follow when he gets time.

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ohh good one

Randolph has more potential and will probably have more highlights but I'd go with Aldridge. His game is finesse, but its smoothe. He doesnt force much and although he's not a banger I like him defending 4's more then Randolph. I swear everytime Aldridge pulls up from 15 feet his shot is always in or close and last year I thought his rebounding and toughness got better. Randolph is verrry intruiging I hope he turns into the STAR some people think. Who thinks Randolph will be a top 15 player the league?

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Give me LA. he has great size and a body mos big men would like to have. if he could jus get more aggressive were talking about an all star in a year or 2. he can stroke it from the mid range and has a nice ability to post up. If he gets a litlle stronger look out.

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Randolph. I really don't see Aldridge getting much better. I think if given the time Randolph can already average at least the same amount of rebounds as Aldridge, plus he has more of an all around game and I can see him possibly being a monster defensively. Aldridge is essentially a 7 foot tall jump shooter that doesn't rebound and he's so soft that Portland never tries to use him at center and please don't say that has to do with Pryzbilla and Oden.

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Excellent topic

2 of my favorite players. Aldridge is still getting better but I think that Randolph has a little more fire.

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