UTAH Jazz - NEW YORK Knicks trade

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UTAH Jazz - NEW YORK Knicks trade

UTAH Jazz send Carlos Boozer (12,3 mil) and CJ Miles (3,7 mil) to NEW YORK Knicks for Cuttino Mobley (9,5 mil) and Jared Jeffries (6,5 mil). Salarys match!

I think this trade make sense for both teams. Utah want get rid of Boozer and Miles and get some cap flexibility in return. Mobley is retired and UTAH could save around 10 mil this year cuz his salary is payed by insurance. New York want get rid of contracts (Jeffries) for Summer 2010 and they get some help for this season (Boozer). What ya guys think?

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da trade

is the trade real?

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It's not real, I'm not sure about sending only Jeffries & Mobely. If I was Utah I would decline this, because they're getting Mobely who should reitire with his heart problems, and Jeffries who's a regular o.k. player. Whereas, New York gets a pretty good player in Boozer, and a young one in C.J. Miles. So I don't think this is good for both teams, but it could happen.

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boozer is

Not going to tha knicks, utah owns their 1st round pick, y send boozer over their so they can make tha playoffs and utah ends up wif a pick outside of tha lottery.

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the jazz

will not just throw away a young and promising cj miles. They are already just throwing boozer away!

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