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So how do you guys see Steph Curry's season going? points, assists, minutes per game? highest scoring game? does he start his career off strong or struggle?

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from a dubz fan

12-15 points, 3-5 assist, mpg: around twenty to twenty five ish, hell probably be a starter a little b4 the all star break. highest scoring game will be 30 and will have a very solid year. lets be real he wont be a star but will be morew of a mike bibby. very good but not a star, our stars are ellis and randolph

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Mike Bibby was a star for

Mike Bibby was a star for like a few seasons but he was playing in a west that was deep with good point guards. I also think that Jennings make be the first or second player from this Rookie class to make the All Star game because the East does not have a strong list of point guards. Mo Williams made it and Jennings will be comparable to him stat wise in his second season.

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ppg 16.0 apg 3.3 mpg

ppg 16.0
apg 3.3
mpg 33
highest scoring game 44
he will do OK but not great his rookie year...he will be ball hoggish at times and go 1-15 but I think he will get better as the season progresses.

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I think

9 ppg, 3 or 4 assts, 20 to 25 mins. I think he will get 30 in a game this yr. I think he will start strong but level off and hit the rookie wall.

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I dont think hes gonna play

I dont think hes gonna play alot, Nellies really high on Morrow, Ellis, and Azubuike, hes gonna split time with them, not to mention Ellis is gonna get like 35 mpg at the PG spot & that team is stacked at the SG spot

Ellis, Morrow, Azubuike, Law, Bellineli, Claxton, and Curry...thats 7 guys in the backcourt, imo only Ellis is better than Curry but still, hes going to have to share minutes with most of those guys

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will start the season at pg. ellis sg. Curry will thrive in nellie ball averaging 14 ppg. 4 assists and play 24 mins a game. He will have a breakout sophmore season scoring nearly 20 ppg. as long as nellie stay on as coach!

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