Wizards might want Marbury

Apparently one eccentric point guard isn't enough for Antawn Jamison. The Washington Wizards forward told HoopsWorld he thinks Stephon Marbury could fit well with the team.

"There are certain guys in the league that have an established reputation and you know what they can do, that they bring it every night," Jamison said. "Steph is one of those guys. I've known Steph since high school, and the things that he's accomplished as a person and as a player speak volumes. He's one of those guys that can't do anything but help the team out and make it a better team."

The Wizards hope to have Gilbert Arenas back healthly this season. They also recently traded for Randy Foye, so there likely wouldn't be many minutes available for Marbury.


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Why? Because having 4 point

Why? Because having 4 point guards isnt enough?

Marbury should go to Memphis...works for him & them

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yeah, i was a little

yeah, i was a little surprised when i read it. doesn't make any sense to me.

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Antawn really said that? I mean, sure Starbury has an established reputation and he probably did know him since high school, but the Marbury we've watched the past couple of years hasn't brought it every night or made his team better. His performance on the Celtics was especially brutal. Steph had some really good years in the league, but right now, his game doesn't even belong in the NBA. I don't see why anyone would want him; a young rebuilding team could find better veteran leadership and production than him and last season he was the worst player that saw the floor on a contender.

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I agree

Marbury is washed up now. He just isnt NBA material. He showed it with Boston last year, he isnt a player anymore.

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