do you think austin daye will eventually start

for the pistons and become a important of the team. hes been tearing up the summer league with his play. averaging 17.0 ppg shooting .471 . plus hes rebounding good too 8.0 . i know its summer league. but if he keeps this up. the pistons might have to start him soon.

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not this season...soon, but

not this season...soon, but not now

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i think he will start in the

i think he will start in the future and be a very versatile scorer that should by a few years add muscle and a post up game that will enable him to play the PF or SF

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austin will start as soon as the pistons will get rid of his clone tayshan prince.

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i'll admit daye looked good

i'll admit daye looked good in summer league but don't let stats trick you. Joey Graham did well in summer league.

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I give him a year because

I give him a year because defense will kill him against NBA players until he gets stronger.

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only if they trade Prince which isn't likely

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I agree with Shelton

He has to prove he will not be a liability on D then he will start. It looks like he is going to score no matter what.

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even if they trade prince he

even if they trade prince he will come of the bench i think. they just signed gordon and villanueva. gordon isn´t going to play pg so the sg spot is locked, that leaves rip in the air and i think he will shift to sf which is daye´s nba position as he is to skinny for pf. where villanueva will start most likely.

that leaves you with a starting 5 of:

pg: stuckey ???
sg: gordon
sf: hamilton
pf: villanueva
c: maxiell ???

and if prince isn´t traded it will be even more difficult for him to get playing time!

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but dont forget about Dajaun Summers

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Austin Daye isnt that bad defensively actually. His length gives players problem. I think he is definitely a future starter, no question. He has 20 point, 5 rebound, 5 asst potential. And he's 6'11, definite upside. He is going to be a good one.

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no way

hamilton will start at small forward.

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