A Couple of Questions

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A Couple of Questions

I have a couple of questions I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on.

1. Is Yao Ming DONE? It's been confirmed that he will have surgery that'll keep him out for the entire 2009-2010 NBA season. Reading the article, it sounded like they're literally giving this dude a new foot. Even with the surgery, they don't know if he'll be completely healthy. Considering his size and the amount of foot injuries he's already had, will he ever be healthy again? Science and medicine has come along way and anything is damn near possible (they could probably give him an androids foot lol), but can they save this guy? I hate to be pessamistic and discourage Houston fans, but I think his career is over.

2. WHY IS PORTLAND PLAYING HARD BALL WITH BRANDON ROY??? He is clearly a franchise caliber player and has made their organization relevant again. He has excited their fan base and done everything possible for this team. Why in the world are they having contract negotiation problems? Do you think Oklahoma City will have contract negotiation problems with Kevin Durant next summer? NO. You saw how Miami treated D. Wade... He got the max extension offer ASAP. Why aren't they treating Brandon Roy the way he deserves? He deserves a max contract in every possible way. What do you guys think about this?

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yao is done for this year

yao is done for this year for sure if he is smart, and Portland clearly isnt that smart

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roy is nice but he isnt the

roy is nice but he isnt the one

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I'm sure he will play again. But if i were Houston, I would start making my plans without him in the picture because you just can't rely on him being healthy for a full season. I think anything he gives from here on out is just a bonus.

As for Roy, I would give him the max.

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If Yao Doesn't Not Play

If Yao Doesn't Not Play again......that will be pretty sad, but i hope he overcomes it........

brandon roy is the player......the guy is amazing and should be treated like royalty..

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