Pistons v. Cavs


Sean Singletary is still that man when it comes to scoring. He is a good passer too, and is pretty effective setting up the offense. Shows a good crossover dribble that allows him to get where he wants on the floor. He is too small too finish at the rim consistently, but he has the strength to get shots up through contact and get foul calls. He had trouble with getting by Jamont Gordon though, and looked scared to try to score after that. I think he's a borderline NBA player, but his size will always be a limitation for him. May be better off in Europe. 7 pts, 3 assts.

DaJuan Summers was forcing it too much. He is a strong player that can play with power or finesse, but he'd be better if he played more with controlled power. Decent passer and OK ball handler. He has a decent jump shot, but he falls in love with it. He also wasnt finishing that good because he was getting too fancy around the rim. Doesnt move his feet defensively. But he is a rotation player for now I'd think, who could develop into a starter if he learns how to use his tools better. Shouldve been a 1st rounder though, in my opinion. 12 pts, 4rebs.

Deron Washington is a great, great athlete. He reminds me of Rodney Carney with a worse jump shot. Super quick and explosive. He had a nice two handed put back off a missed jumper where is got up real quick in a little bit of time. He has a bad jumper and poor ball handling but he can get to the rim anyway because his 1st step is pretty ridiculous. Nothing more than average as a defender, especially off the ball where he loses focus and gets caught fighting through screens with his poor strength when he tries to catch up. He isnt skilled enough to play in the NBA right now, still looks like a D-Leaguer. 12 pts, 4 rebs.

Austin Daye is a good-looking player.He has every tool you can ask for offensively. He is an especially good passer and ball handler. His teammates didnt always catch his passes. It would be a shock if he didnt play a point forward role in the NBA from time to time. He a really good shooting stroke. He also looks like he has gained a little weight, maybe close to 10 pounds. Decent defender, his length gives other players problems. Also an above average rebounder, and will get better with added strength. He is a future starter, definitely. Has 20 ppg, 5 rebound, 5 assist potential. And at 6'10. Pretty impressive. 20 pts, 10 rebs, 3 stls, 4 to's.

Jonas Jerebko is a decent player. I thought he played like David Lee when I saw his draft scouting tape. I was wrong. He is a better face up player than that. He plays pretty smart. Good passer. Has a good, but unpolished mid-range game.Needs to be a better handler. Pretty good rebounder. Strong. He needs to be tougher defensively. He is definitely a solid NBA level player with decent all around skills, just has to get tough and play more aggressive. 18 pts, 5 rebs.

Jeremy Pargo is a live athlete. Jumps effortlessly, and is super quick. He isnt a true playmaker, but he is a decent passer. Not a great shooter, but he has his moments. Good defender, plays hard on that end. He is a Europe kind of guy, because the only thing he has on an NBA level is his athletic ability. 13 pts, 4 rebs, 2 assts.


Christian Eyenga is clearly a talented player. He just is super raw right now. He gets to the rim alot, either off cuts or off the bounce. He didnt try to shoot today, but he has a decent shot from what Ive seen. Low Bball IQ. Maybe an NBA player in a few years, but for now he needs to go to Europe and get more polished. He's about 3 years away. 12 pts, 2 rebs.

Jamont Gordon is a player I've always liked. He honestly has no true weaknesses, except he isnt a great shooter. He can get to the rim because he is explosive and strong, he is a good passer and sets his teammates up for easy baskets. And he is a good looking defender, and thats what he did best this game. Singletary was playing great at first, lighting up Robert Hite, and then Gordon was assigned to him and Singletary didnt score or get anymore assists. Had him on lock. He is an NBA player to me, but NBA obviously think different. He has a career in Europe though if the L doesnt work for him. 10 pts, 4 assts.

Darnell Jackson is a big bodied rebounder. He isnt anything special offensively or defensively but he is a fighter out there and he sets good picks and screens. He wont play alot in the NBA, but he has a career overseas. 11 pts, 8 rebs.

Danny Green didnt play good.Off shooting game. He could be a good role player in the NBA, he reminds me of Shane Battier. He needs to work on his handle though,he got ripped on every time he drove to the basket. Isnt a very good athlete. 6 pts, 5 boards.

This game was soooo long because they were fouling too much.

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I thought Detroit was crazy,

I thought Detroit was crazy, drafting 3 players that basically play the 3/4 position, but it seems to be working fine for them, wonder if any of there guys will get legit rotation minutes...besides Daye

Danny Green was one of my sleeper, thought he got overshadowed by the other UNC talent, but hes been disappointing

Not sure how talented Eyenga is, but Cleveland did some deeeeep scouting, you guys know when he was drafted they didnt even have a board with his name on it..sinces hes so raw he'll develop in europe for a while longer though

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I gave the Pistons a A+

I gave the Pistons a A+ draft and people killed me on this site...I told you

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Those players they drafted have alot of potential. And Austin Daye is definitely ready to play now. The Pistons may have a playoff team after all. haha

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