Heat Want Odom

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Heat Want Odom

The Miami Heat have discussed a Lamar Odom deal that would approach the $9 million salary the free-agent forward nearly agreed to last week with the Los Angeles Lakers before talks broke down, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has reported.

Pat Riley, addressing Heat season-ticket holders in a two-day session Thursday and Friday that was closed to media, said the Heat was also monitoring Carlos Boozer's status with the Utah Jazz but had not entered discussions on acquiring the forward.

Riley said the team could add Odom, Boozer or both without sacrificing its goals toward 2010's free-agent class, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Florida's lack of state taxes and other payment options give the Heat the ability to offer Odom a contract matching the previous Lakers deal, the Fort Lauderdale newspaper reported.

The Lakers retracted their offer to Odom early this week, saying that talks had stalled.

Sources told's Marc Stein that Odom had balked at the Lakers' unwillingness to extend an offer spanning more than three years in length.

"There are specifics behind why we pulled it, but that's not something we're going to get into," Lakers public relations director John Black said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lakers owner Jerry Buss offered Odom two deals, one worth $36 million for four years and the other $10 million a season for three years.

Odom, who will turn 30 in November, made $14.1 million this past season.

Odom played a key role off the bench in the Lakers' championship run. He averaged 12.3 points and 9.1 rebounds during the playoffs.

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I heard Portland may offer

I heard Portland may offer him...

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would they play him along

would they play him along side beasley at the 4 and beasley at the 3......they would need atleast 1 good 3 pt shooter in their starting lineup right???

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I think they would have this lineup:

Also, they might get Boozer. After reading this article, I think the Heat might actually pull it off getting both of them. I only thought they'd get one, but the future is very bright....very.

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Heat could jump up to be the

Heat could jump up to be the best team in the East if they can pull this off.

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