Anthony Randolph

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Anthony Randolph

Anthony Randolph is currently having an amazing run in the summer league... If he carries this momentum into the regular season Nelly will be forced to pencil him consistant minutes. His game is so unique.. He is so long...runs like a deer...can handle the ball...blocks shots...pounds the glass...gets to the rim and shows flashes of good shooting. If he puts it all together and learns how to play under control he could be a dominant player. His size alone creates mismatches...he can play SF, PF and in GS's system he can play spot duty at C. All that said..he isnt very polished on rail thin.. lacks a true position and plays 100mph which gets him in early foul trouble. I really can't get a good feel of how good will be in the future.. I can't even think of anyone to compare him to... maybe a tayshuan prince...or a very very young KG ?

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Randolph is better than

Randolph is better than Tayshuan Prince. I wouldn't compare him to KG though because Randolph can't shoot. That is the thing that is holding Randolph back. Anthony reminds me of Josh Smith due to the fact that they are both stuck at playing PF but should be playing SF. They just aren't as affective at SF because they can't shoot. Both are athletic, left handed & great shot blockers. Also Randolph is thin but he is a whole lot stronger than people think. He needs to gain about 20 more pounds & improve his shot then he will be a very special player.

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Randolph: Future All-Star

Anthony Randolph doesn't remind me of anyone because his game is unique. He's very long and tall which makes him a power forward but he has guard skills with his play making and scoring ability. He is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA and I can't wait until he breaks out of Nellie's dog house and gets big minutes. future all-star

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I can dig it

I wanted to see him. From what Ive seen he's gotten bigger since last year. I was looking forward to watching him play yesterday to see the hype, but he didnt play because "he had nothing to prove." I knew he had potential last year watching him play, but now he looks like he's banking on it. He could be a real nightmare if he continues to get stronger and learns how to shoot. He has every other tool.

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I would say you could probably compare him to Lamar Odom, but more athletic and more of a shot blocker. As bad and as young as Golden State is, they need to be starting him no matter what. They shipped off Crawford, now they need to see if they can move Jackson and Magette. If they can only get one out it needs to be Magette. I won't be surprised if all of their young guys other than Biedrins and Ellis end up moving to other teams at the end of their contracts and flourish. They have a lot of young talent that is not getting the time they need to play (i.e., Morrow, Randolph, Wright, Bellineli). I'm not sure there is anything I hate to see worse than good young talent having their growth stunted. It's one thing if you are on a team that is competing and that has great players, but to just sit and rot on a team that is going nowhere is horrible.

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jackson 20.7 ppg 5.1 rpg 6.5

jackson 20.7 ppg 5.1 rpg 6.5 apg 1.5 spg

maggette 18.6 ppg off the bench

i say trade sum of them for inside scoring morrow,brandan wright for boozer

boozer,sign leon powe ,

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He is definately a more athletic and more commited Lamar Odom. That is the closest comparison. I agree how the Warriors have too much young talent to just sit on the bench. All their young players fit great in Don Nelson's system. Belinelli is a beast when he plays. Just ship Jackson to the Knicks where he can be with his Protege buddy Al Harrington and that will definately open up for players such as Morrow and Belinelli to play.

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Powe just tore his ACL, he's

Powe just tore his ACL, he's not going to be helping out a team anytime soon.

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remember. .

kg couldn't shoot when he first came into the league either. .

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Anthony Randolph is going to be what Lamar Odom should have been.

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