Nate tha great to....

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Nate tha great to....

The Olympikaos? They have official given him an offer 4.5 mill per season, something he was looking to receive from tha knicks, I think he shuld do it tha market is looking dry 4 him

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nate wont leave

the usa. his popularity is at an alltime high. Nate thinks that is great!

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NOOOOOO i dont think he

NOOOOOO i dont think he should do it , thats less than the MLE in the NBA and imo he is worth the MLE , NBA fans love him and the he can make way more money here besides the contract

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That says the offer was for $10m, no way Nate turns that down

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plain and simple

If the foreign countries offer more , then players should take it without hesitation. Playing overseas also means that you get your rent paid and a free chef, and cook and car and other stuff usually.

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Nate-Rob to Olympiacos

Olympiacos is one of the best team's in Europe and they could really use a scoring guard like Nate Robinson. Small, quick, guards flourish in the Euroleague and I think Nate-Rob could do the same. This offer would make him one of the highest paid guys in Europe and I think he'll take it. Check out the way Olympaicos who already signed Josh Childress last year is becoming a player in the NBA free agent market here:

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