David Khan to negotiate rubio Buy-out

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David Khan to negotiate rubio Buy-out

Minnesota Timberwolves president David Kahn says he will travel to Spain to discuss the future of first-round draft pick Ricky Rubio with his Spanish team.

Kahn hopes to lower the price tag of Rubio's buyout clause. Kahn confirmed his plans in a text message to the Associated Press on Thursday. It was first reported by

Rubio is still under contract with DKV Joventut for the next two seasons. The Timberwolves drafted him with the fifth overall pick in June. But under his current deal, Rubio would have to pay $6.6 million to the team to leave Spain for the NBA.

Under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement, the Timberwolves can only offer $500,000 to help Rubio.

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What can Kahn do to lower the price tag, talk? If I'm DKV, I want my 6 million or I'm keeping Rubio. The T-Wolves don't have much leverage here. Rubio doesn't want to play for them and honestly, the t-wolves shouldn't want him anyway. They've got Flynn and would be able to acquire really good young talent if they traded him. Rubio playing in Minny next season would be a huge surprise.

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$500,000 Buyout

First, the $500,000 limit is incredibly stupid. Why doesn't the NBA simply allow teams to contribute as little or as much as they want?

Second, David Kahn does have some leverage because DKV Joventut apparently is suffering financial problems, as are many other teams in Europe. Is it enough leverage to negotiate a lower buyout? I don't know, but there's certainly pressure on DKV Joventut to get some quick cash.

Third, if Kahn is successful, the next question is where will Johnny Flynn go? I say that on the assumption that he isn't dumb enough to think the team will benefit by having 2 young point guards.

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Kahn Should Help

Joventut is almost holding Ricky Rubio hostage right now, he doesn't want to play for them, and they would rather have the money than Rubio. I really think the Timberwolves are going to find a way to get Rubio in Minnesota next year. Kahn can definitely work out some sort of agreement where the money can be paid back in a plan over years or for less money. The buyout is 6mil yet Rubio was making less than $200,000 last year so it seem kinda of ridiculous. I think Rubio will find a way to come over to the league.


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