Steve Francis

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Steve Francis

what happened to this guy ? does anyone know if he will be playing in the NBA next year. I remember this guy playing for the rockets a few yrs. back ,man he was GREAT but his attitude caused him to fall off i guess

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I think he got traded to

I think he got traded to Griz last season, and they waived him, and ehs been unable to find a job in the NBA since..If some team is desperate for a PG i can see him getting an offer, but no team looks like there in need for a PG at this, looks like he'll be unemployed next season

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I heard he might play

I heard he might play over-seas

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Hubie Brown

Francis fell real fast from glory. It all began when he was traded to the New York Knickerboxers and teammed him in the backcourt with Stephon Marbury. From there, he only played half the season. He then tried to reserect his career in Houston where he was once known as "Stevie Franchise." However, for some reason he didn't play that much.

Really, Steve was like many players who didn't have point guard skills, but was fast enough and had the athletic ability to get by as a shooting guard such as Iverson and Arenas.

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his career

Fell down tha drain when he was traded to tha magic, it actually made his and tmac career take a turn 4 tha worse tha trade didn't really work out 4 either side both of their careers went down tha drain if u think about it

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He's a free agent

He's a free agent

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I was watching an old

I was watching an old Rockets vs Lakers game on ESPN Classic from like 2002 the other day, I think it was the first matchup between Yao and Shaq, and Steve Francis stole the show, he put up like 48 I think. The guy was damn good, he even got the cover of NBA Live one year haha

But I completely agree with jojososa, after that trade neither Stevie or T-Mac were ever really the same.

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Yea good point, and Yao Ming won just as much w/ Francis as he has w/ McGrady.

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