THIS IS WHY I DONT TAKE The mock draft seriously

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THIS IS WHY I DONT TAKE The mock draft seriously

Before jeremy Tyler decided to go to Europe he was placed as the number 1 pick for the 2011 draft. Since he announced he. Was going to Europe instead of finishing hs he's been dropped in every mock draft. My question is why. Same thing happened to Jennings when he decided to go to Europe it makes no sense considering they will be more prepared for the NBA since the competition is much better then hs and college and u get unlimited time to work on you're game as well as learn the fundamentals and euro game which they can add to the American game that they already have

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you are absolutely right there is no difference. he stock should actually go up

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I wouldn't say the

I wouldn't say the competetion is that much better then top of the line collehe ball, the things that prepare them for the NBA overseas are the adapting to a new lifestyle and working within a true system that doesn't rely so much on 1 on 1 games like in High School where you just left your best player do whatever he wants and keep the ball in his hands.

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the competition is much

the competition is much better over seas..there are teams that have beaten pretty good nba teams when they play before the season starts. im pretty sure not one college team can beat a nba team

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college vs. nba

i bet univ of kentucky could have beaten the new jersey nets this year.

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Tony Wroten is the next Baron

Tony Wroten is the next Baron Davis he is very exsplosive with the abillity to make a defense look stupid just watch his highlight tape in vegas. CJ is the next Kevin Garnett need i say more..

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