It is summer league, but Daye is making me eat my words people. Dude had 27 and 13 today and Summers had 26 and 8. I expected that kind of play from Summers, but Daye is better than I thought. Detroit might have a deep squad. Is Dumars really messing up or should we wait and see? Do you think he drafted well?

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Yea so far, i feel like shyt

Yea so far, i feel like shyt calling daye a bust , and a unworthy 1st round player.....but it is to early lets just see the season

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I still think Daye is going to struggle when he has to guard quick 3's and strong 4's

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I really haven't gotten the chance to watch Sumners enough, but I am hearing a lot of good about him. As far as Daye goes, I still think that he will be a bust. He could prove me wrong, but I don't know how many times I've heard someone talk about a guy's potential and then he's never able to do anything with it. I think he is always going to look fine when it comes to summer league, but in an NBA game he's likely to get destroyed by more physical and bigger guys. He justs seems to be too much of a finesse player to get the most of his skills. You have to really give this guy 2-3 years before you can give him a complete evaluation though.

With the 3 guys that they just drafted though, it makes me think that Tayshun is going to be of town as soon as Dumars finds a trade that he likes. I can't give him too much of a hard time for some of these moves because even before they trade Billups you could tell that they weren't going to win a championship as their were built. Billups was amazing last year, but I think he was rejuvenated by moving on. Don't be surprised if you see the same from Rasheed now that he's back in championship contention, even if for just one year. The current vision for the team looks to be one that is going to be very versatile in that they seem to be trying to put together players that can do a little bit of everything and that can easily shift positions. I am not a Detroit fan, but I'm interested in seeing the results.

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Pistons Summer League

The Summers pick is looking hella good right now. 1st round production from a 2nd rounder? Perfect! Daye is showing signs of being a contributor this coming season, but I'm still not sold just yet. If he's putting up these types of numbers in January and not July, then I'll think different of him. Jerebko is pretty surprising, but he hasn't grown on me yet. If these three can produce like this during the regular season, and Gordon and Villanueva can adapt pretty well, I think my Pistons will be back in grand fashion.

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Joe Dumars Draft

I'm one of those who believe Daye was taken too early in the first round and he will not be a star in the league. I agree with some of the earlier posts who advised we shouldn't make too much out of Daye's summer league performance. But at least it demonstrates the kind of potential that Dumars saw in him.

But Daye was only 1/3 of Dumar's choices. If you add D. Summers and J. Jerebko into the mix, I think Detroit did very well. In fact, both Summers and Jerebko might be as big a steal as D. Blair was for San Antonio.

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Though it's only summer

Though it's only summer league, A LOT of you owe Daye an apology lol. He's winning over a lot of people right now w/ his versatility. I didn't know he could handle that well. It's only summer league, so I don't pay too much attention to stats, but his skill set is off the charts.

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I could be wrong also

I thought daye was a good late 1st early 2nd and do very little against stronger players. I say lets wait until he gets on the court with nba proven players before we say if we are right or wrong.

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2md rounders

I agree with rtbt, Summers and Jerebko are steals, both of those players have first round talent and will end up being better than many players drafted before them, i've said this before but the pistons managed to draft 3 young forwards, I think Maxiel has some talent, but he hasn't improved as much as i thought in the past couple years. Detroit drafted 3 young forwards that will all see time next year, make an impact, and will end up being good pro's

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