borderline Hall of Famers

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borderline Hall of Famers

there has been alot of posts recently of which current players are HOF or even top 50 players everywhere so how about these names- you can make arguments for or against these guys
Vince Carter
Paul Pierce
Ray Allen
anybody know any one else

The consensus is that Nash is a HOF but u could make the argument that he's not also if you want to make a stretch- Diteke Mutumbo? Ron Artest(if he won a ring this year), Gasol?

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When a player wins 2 mvps

When a player wins 2 mvps its basically automatic hof especially if its back2back.

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Ray Allen.....dirk.....and

Ray Allen.....dirk.....and Nash are for sure HOF they have all accomplished great feats, the rest never really did anything special but are great players

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Isnt Dikembe 2nd overall in

Isnt Dikembe 2nd overall in blocks for NBA history? I think thats a HOFer to me..

Those other guys need a ring(for some, another ring) to seal there legacy and get into the HOF

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paul pierce never really did

paul pierce never really did anything special 4 u.

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Pierce is definitely in at this point in his career. That ring sealed it for him.

Also, Yao's not that close imo. He's been in the league 7 years, hasn't made it passed the first round of the playoffs once and hasnt played a healthy season since his 3rd year.

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Wasnt Bill Walton hurt alot

Wasnt Bill Walton hurt alot too????

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Anytime a player wins a regular season MVP then I would assume they are destined for the HOF. Dirk and Nash are locks.

Every player that has won a MVP and has been eligible for the HOF has made the HOF.

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Mutumbo is a definite HOF,

Mutumbo is a definite HOF, I'd say Pierce gets in, Dirk is one of the best international players to play in the League, Ray gets in for me... Yao doesn't, T-Mac will I think cause when he was on the Magic he was the best player in the league to me and he had a great career as a scorer, great enough to get him in the HOF but i admit he is borderline and I would say VC is where T-Mac is because he might be the best dunker ever

what about Rasheed and Chauncey? thats a lot of confrence championship appearances and a ring for both.

Nash gets in

and what about Chris Webber??...... nawwww lol

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for me

dirk will be like drazen petrovic, HOF, because of their international influence to the league and of course dirk is MVP, pierce is HOF 2, finals ring, finals MVP, one of the best wingmen of his generation. Nash with the back-to-back is HOF for sure, one of the best PGs without the D. Ray will end his career as the best (or 2nd) shooter ever and that is HOF. Mutombo for me is 50-50, but he is one of the best defenders ever, international credit as well and cared for people alot.

Yao is not an HOF for me, t-mac will be like penny(no HOF), VC declined over the years(borderline), ronron has no business with HOF and gasol might bne one. let's wait and see.

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dirk,nash probably allen

dirk,nash probably allen

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Dirk is in, great consistent

Dirk is in, great consistent career, great international appeal and won an MVP...Pierce got that ring & finals MVP he's in...Ray Allen no doubter, probably the best shooter ever, and now he has his ring too...Nash won back to back MVP's, he's in...Yao I can't see it happening, hasn't dominated nearly enough with that size and skill set...VC and Tmac I think are both as borderline as you can get, and I'm the biggest Tmac fan in the world, I think he should be in just based off his ORL days he was unstoppable scorer, he literally carried that team of nobody's on his back, which is the reason its messed up now, and his playoff scoring average is top 5 ever, I think that should be enough to get him in, and he'll get out of the 1st round before he retires...VC I can't see them not putting him in, the best dunker of all-time, a great scorer, if he gets that ring in ORL this year, which I think is highly possible he's in no doubt, if not I still think he gets in!!!

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I don't think you can put

I don't think you can put Mutombo in because he was 2nd all time in blocked shots. Blocks didn't become an official statistic until the '70s so it really gives an unfair advantage to players whose careers began after that time. Mutombo is out for me because he never really excelled at anything else. Dirk and Vince have the best chance to get in. I think Pierce, Allen, T-mac, and Yao are out as of now. Pierce hasn't done anything except win that ring, same with Allen, and Yao hasn't done anything for his career either.

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To me Sheed couldve been one

To me Sheed couldve been one of the best power forwards ever. Great post player and can hit perimeter shots. Great defender against other big men. Its his attitude and he doesn't try hard every game that makes him not a hof.

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Vince Carter-needs to win w/

Vince Carter-needs to win w/ orlando, he's been a loser for quite some time. I say no
Paul Pierce-In
Ray Allen-In
Yao-if he plays again he's in, not necessarily desrving, but lets say he plays 3 more seasons. That China all star vote will make him a 10 time all star
T-Mac-assuming he's peeked, no, and he shouldnt
Sheed-hell no. He could easily have 3 rings by now, but Blazers blew it and 1 ring with that detroit team was an underachievement, nobody remembers conf. championships., deemed as unselfish but he
Billups-needs either another ring or more recognition (2 more all star selections, all nba), has underwhelming stats and first 5 years was a nobody
Webber-20,10,4 career, legacy as scorer, hands, and one of the best passing bigs ever, i say he's in
Nash-No brainer, he's in
Gasol-got a long way to go, 1 ring dont=HOF

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All of the guys on ur list......

are in the Hall of Fame (except T-Mac) and here is why.

Yao- 1st real dominant chinese player. Great ambassador 4 the game of basketball. Has done so much 4 china. voted in the all star game as a rookie. dominant post player.

Vince Carter: Perhaps the greatest slam dunk champion ever. Highlight reels that will go on 4 ages. Dosnt matter that he hasnt won a ring becuase his dunks basically speak 4 himself. I personally think he may be the 1st player 2 get in the hall of fame just because of dunks and no rings. again may have put on the greatest dunk contest performance ever.

Ray Allen- His place on the all time 3 point list speaks 4 itself. He was a great scorer and all star. Wiining that ring with the celtics only helps matters.

Paul Pierce- in the hall of fame becuase of his loyalty and determination to stick with the celtics and win a ring. His jersey will be retire along with many of the celtic greats and he's rapidly climbing the celtics all time scoring list. those accomplishments alone get him in the HOF.

Dirk: Maybe the best international player 2 ever play the game. Won the MVP a few years ago. One of the most versatile big men scorers ever.........yea he's goin in

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