Kryptonate To Europe ???

Nate Robinson may be getting a big fat Greek payday. Newsday has learned that Olympiakos, the Athens-based team that last summer lured Josh Childress away from the NBA, has offered the Knicks' 5-9 guard a two-year contract.

Robinson, 25, a restricted free agent, could earn $10 million in the deal, according to a source. Knicks president Donnie Walsh said Tuesday that he had no information about the offer from Olympiakos other than the initial report by a Greek media outlet Monday night.

Robinson's agent, Aaron Goodwin, said he had no comment about the offer.

Walsh and Goodwin are expected to talk again Friday about Robinson's future with the Knicks. Walsh has said his initial plan is to try to sign Robinson, but other factors suggest he may eventually seek a sign-and-trade.

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For some reason......i think

For some reason......i think if he leaves he will do nothing but get throw around by europeans and possibly run back trying to play for a nba franchise

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If I were Nate

I would reject it. They paid Childress alot more than that, and they both were the same caliber player in the NBA. If anything Nate was actually the better player of the two. So I would either try to get them to up the money or reject the deal.

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His style

Of play is not for the European game. He is better off here where he can get the ball and do his thing. They will box his game in like Jennings.

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