Larry Sanders Interview

Wed, 07/15/2009 - 5:54am
Akron, Ohio - Following the second college workout at day 2 of the LeBron James Skills Academy, we had a chance to sit down with VCU PF/C, Larry Sanders. After a short and unheralded high school career, Sanders has quickly gained recognition in college for his rebounding and shot-blocking ability. At 217 lbs, he's still filling out his 6'10" frame, but his 7'6" wingspan makes him a presence in the lane. Sanders looked impressive through the first two instructional sessions, showing good hands and quick feet for a post player. He shows improved form on his jump shot, but he must become more consistent from 15 foot range. Sanders is still quite raw, but his first summer at major camps like the LBJ should help tremendously with his development.

Larry SandersLarry Sanders How's the camp going so far?

Larry Sanders: It's going good, real good. What do you think about playing against some of the best big men in the country here at the LeBron James Skills Academy?

Larry Sanders: It's an honor and a great opportunity. Everyone puts their egos aside at a camp like this and they just play. Everybody's been real cool so far. Are you bonding with anyone in particular?

Larry Sanders: A couple of guys like Jeff Allen and the other bigs. We were at the Amare Camp together. We got to know each other back then and we've kept in touch. How was the Amare camp?

Larry Sanders: It was real good. That was real fun. It was my first camp like that, but Phoenix was a little hot though. Have you had a chance to meet with VCU's new coach, Shaka Smart? What are your first impressions?

Larry Sanders:
He's a real good guy with a very humble personality. You know, coming in I think a lot of guys would be a little shaky with coach Grant leaving, but he's real understanding and we know he's a good coach. Do you have a feel for coach Smart's system and how it compares to coach Grant's?

Larry Sanders: Yeah, he comes from (the University of) Florida, so obviously they're from the same umbrella. But he was also at Clemson, so he told me about the press, so I'm pretty excited. With the departure of Eric Maynor, has coach Smart talked about his expectations of you as a leader?

Larry Sanders: Definitely. Even before meeting with coach Smart, me and Eric still talk and he's on me about keeping up with my teammates while I'm away (at summer camps). Let them know that I'm out here working. Let them know that I don't have an ego and I'm just trying to get better in order to win. With Eric and coach Grant leaving this year, what do you expect from the team?

Larry Sanders: Just for everybody to step it up. People ask me all the time if I'm going to take Eric's place. I don't think anybody can take his place. I think if everybody on the team can get that much better, we'll be alright. Obviously the NBA is something that all players are thinking about. What part of your game are you working on to try to get to that next level?

Larry Sanders: Offensively, some things. Leadership skills and being vocal. I'm also working hard on my conditioning. I think if I just try to get better everyday, things will work out.
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