Phoenix buyout?

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Phoenix buyout?

Curious why Phoenix bought out Ben Wallace? Seeing as he would be the major trading piece due to his contract that the Hornets would want in exchange for Tyson Chandler. Despite a great summer league performance (If that means anything) by Robin Lopez, I'm not sold on him starting at the 5 for the Suns. Chandler would have looked good in a suns uniform, running the floor and catching a couple alley oops from Nash a game. I feel like that was a poor move to buy out Big Ben's contract when the y could have gotten Chandler out of it. What do you guys think?

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Apparently the Hornets

Apparently the Hornets wouldn't give up Chandler for Wallace or that deal would've been done already. It saves the Suns cash by buying him out now. Overall seems like a smart move. I agree though if they could've gotten Chandler that would've been good.

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i personally dont see chandler getting any better in the future. I mean tyson isnt realy the kind of player u would throw the ball down to to score. i feel that robin and tyson are basically the same player tyson jus has more experience. I mean tyson rebounds block shots and catches alleys. Robin can def do the same. I think robin has a chance to actually be more than jus a alley oop finisher on offense. if he is anything like his brother robin will surpass tyson chandler in the league

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have the suns dropped out of the playoff picture. It is hard to leave them out with nash running the show I personally think they will be looking at the bottom of the standings this year.

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