lol every one hated on toney douglas pg skills

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lol every one hated on toney douglas pg skills

lol every one hated on toney douglas pg skills sayin hes a sg in a pg body. today: 8 pts 11 assists 0 turnovers

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I am surprised. Did Isaiah

I am surprised. Did Isaiah come back and make this pick or something because wow. This was like a Thomas draft pick. I know yall hate on what Thomas did to the Knicks but he could draft players that no one knew was going to be that good. Some player like nate and Lee you could see the talent but who knew Lee would be the player he is and that Nate would be moving towards the player he is and is about to be. Who knew Renalda Balkman was an NBA player.

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Had me fooled

I didnt think Douglas was a PG at all. Maybe it was because he was the only person on FSU's squad who could create for theirself effectively.

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thats exactly what it was

He really was pretty unbelievable last year, most underrated player in the country. There wasn't a whole lot options for them, especially on those plays where they needed a score it was either he creates for himself or they settle for a bad 3. He is a really tough nosed player and probably not the most natural 1 guard, but has good size and is a really quick and strong athlete, I think he has decent potential. I could see him bieng a starter down the road and can contribute right away.

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I really, really like

I really, really like Douglas.

Don't get me wrong, I think he was a great pick. But you can't rub results in anyone's face based on summer league. Let's not forget Gerald Green dominated summer league twice. 

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Douglas was 2-13

Douglas was 2-13 and also had 2 st

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i think isiah thomas helped the knicks out. i think i've read somewhere (before he took the college coaching job) that he was helping the knicks in scouting players. so maybe he told walsh about douglas..

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Douglass had to score at FSU

Douglass had to score at FSU because he was by far their best player. When they had Al Thornton, Isiah Swan, Jason Rich, some guys that could score he was a distributor. Overall though Douglass can score and play the point so he could become a really good combo guard for the Knicks.

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