Utah might need a loan to keep Millsap

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Utah might need a loan to keep Millsap

So I was watching SC this morning and heard Jazz might need a loan to match Millsap. I still think Utah is going to match it but blazers sure made it difficult by having to paid 10.3 mil once the contract is signed. I'm also thinking Jazz wont find any suitors for Boozer by friday so I think he won't get traded this summer but before the February deadline.

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the jazz wont need an

the jazz wont need an actually loan....... all owners are almost billionaires. everyone is hurting during the recession but they wont have to go to the bank and get a loan lol

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Yea, they won't need a loan

Yea, they won't need a loan bruh. They'll simply match the offer and then trade Boozer when the situation is right. This whole situation isn't as serious as people are making it out to be. You need to read that article by David Aldridge on He talks about all of this.

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