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The Knicks are interested in Boozer. I think this is a smart move by New York. A 3rd team has to be involved though because the Jazz are just trying to save cash so they can resign Milsap.

Josh Childress is staying overseas for another season. This is disappointing I wanted to see him back in the nba. He could really help a team.

Yes, the Clippers want Iverson but they also want Sessions. This organization is crazy. They need to leave AI alone and get Sessions.

International teams are wanting Sessions & Nate Robinson. I wouldn't mind if Nate goes but I want to see Sessions stay in the nba. If Sessions went to the Warriors that would be awesome.

Don Nelson said that Golden State would've taken Curry with the 2nd pick. I think he is just talking out of his a$$.

Sean May is working out for the Cavs. They need to pickup him for sure. He will likely be had for a very cheap price. I think he still has a lot potential. At worst he is a descent backup for Varejao.

McCants is working out for the 76ers today. Philly isn't even close to being done yet in the free agent market. Andre Miller is not going to be resigned, at least that is how it looks right now. McCants would definitely help this team out. He is a deadly shooter. With the additions of McCants and Kapono all of sudden Philly has the long range bombers they desperately needed. The 76ers are also looking for a backup wing player and a couple of big men. They should try to sign Big Baby IMO. Sessions needs to be at the top of their list too.

Who will Cleveland sign next...Joey Graham, Kleiza, or Matt Barnes?

Miami & Dallas are going after Lamar Odom. The Lakers better hurry up and get a deal done or they are going to lose Odom.

The Hornets need to start making some moves this offseason. I think they need to trade Chandler. They aren't going to get very far in the playoffs with their current roster.

Poor is going to be another long season. The Kings need to shake up their roster. I think they need to trade Thompson, Garcia, Nocioni, & Greene. A top 5 pick in the 2010 draft is in their future..that is the only good new I can think of besides the fact that Tyreke is a true baller.

What are the TWolves doing? They need to pickup some free agents ASAP. They have a ton of holes to fill. Are they really going to start rookies at PG & SG? Top 5 pick in 2010 is on the way. Hopefully Brewer turns it around but he has looked mediocre in summer league so far.

The Bobcats are cheap which is a shame. It seems they have taken a step back this offseason. Maybe they add some quality free agents last minute.

Poor Wade...give him some help Miami.

Orlando spent a lot of money but who cares. They bought their way into being the best team in the East now for sure.

The Bucks need a PF bad. Surely Amir Johnson isn't going to start haha that would be disaster.

What are the Pacers going to do at PG now that Jack is going to the Raptors (more than likely) ? I guess TJ Ford wil be running the show again. Or will they go after Sessions?

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Nate overseas I dnt think his style of play fits over there, but it wuld b priceless to c all 5'9 of him posterizing guys over there

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I think Matt Barnes would be

I think Matt Barnes would be great for Cleveland. He has good size for a wing and could maybe defend Carter of Lewis when they play Orlando, plus he he stretchs the floor with his shooting and will get some boards and dimes.

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Yea their actually think of

Yea their actually think of starting Alexander at PF........and if Ramon Sessions Leaves , I Expect Them To be the worst team in the league

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go here Gortat to

go here

Gortat to Houston?

3 way deal with Boozer?

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Sessions would fit good with

Sessions would fit good with the Sixers.....

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