great trade

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great trade

the jazz want to get rid of boozer so bad why dont they trade him to detroit for rip and 2 future 1st rounders but the jazz would have to give them knicks 1st round pick this year if it goes 5 to 6 maybe we could get Donatas Motiejunas then we woulde be contenders depending if we resign boozer or who we get with his 12 mill paycheck gone

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detriots rebuilding or

detriots rebuilding or atleast they need too. they'll want to keep there draft picks but having a top7 pick would be nice but i dont see the jazz letting that pick go just yet. i think a straight up trade for boozer and rip without picks would make more sense

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not rebuiding they want to win now just signed Villenueva and ben Gordon, I really dont think they should go after Boozer, he cant play center and hes injury-prone, the Jazz wouldnt do that deal because the Knicks pick will likely be a top-5 pick

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I dunno. 2 future 1st

I dunno. 2 future 1st rounders? 1 maybe.

Other than that, I like that deal

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Its an actual fact the

Its an actual fact the pistons are actually pursuing Boozer.....

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