2010 dunk contest

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2010 dunk contest

what players besides lebron, dwight, melo , wade, kobe
would you wanna see in the dunk contest.

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Andre Iguodala, pt.2

Andre Iguodala, pt.2 (revenge)

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James White Gerald Wallace

James White Gerald Wallace Demar Derozen Josh Smith Joe Alexander

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Derrick Rose, Demar Derozan,

Derrick Rose, Demar Derozan, Russell Westbrook and Iggy would be good.

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I dont think LBJ will be in

I dont think LBJ will be in the Dunk Contest this year...

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i hope


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one rookie will be in it and

one rookie will be in it and 3 other players

expect :

Lebron James
Demar Derozan
Andre Igodula
Russel Westbrook

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Mike Taylor (LAC) James

Mike Taylor (LAC)
James White (HOU)

Those guys are the best dunkers in the NBA, but if they could only get 20+ minutes a game..

But I think its going to be
Russel Westbrook
Demar Derozan
Rudy Gay (was supposed to be in it last year but got hurt)
LeBron James (he said he was...might pull out. but as of now hes in...)

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To be Honest, The Dunk

To be Honest, The Dunk Contest is a little many dunks are out there in the world?

I rather have a 1 on 1 match like they did back in the day

LBJ vs Kobe

Westbrook vs Rose

Durant vs Randolph (Anthony...not Zach)

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y the hel wud i wanna see

y the hel wud i wanna see melo

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Biased...but id like to see

Biased...but id like to see Budinger.

I think James White is the best dunker in the world though...I also wouldnt mind seeing Derozan or Rodney Carney.

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James White hopefully is in

James White hopefully is in it he made a through the legs dunk from the free throw thats just insane
check it out
its at the 3:40

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I hope Josh Smith will be in

I hope Josh Smith will be in it. I remember hearing during the playoffs that he said he could beat LBJ in the dunk contest.

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I'd Also Like to See

Chase Budinger, Brent Petway(if he makes an NBA roster), Russell Westbrook, James White, Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings.

Those are just a list of some names.

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dunk contest

Yeah.. Bring back the one on one competitions and have a horse tournament with one player playing another instead of a group competing simultaneously. They need to have an end to end dribbling race to see who is the fastest in the NBA with the ball. Also, expand the dunk contest to six people instead of four.

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if James White is in it we

if James White is in it we might as well crown him now... best dunker in the world IMO too

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It should be

Nate Robinson-raining champ
LeBron James-he said he wants to be in it
Rudy Gay-was supposed to be in it last year but got hurt
Demar Derozan-the one rookie

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Old News but

Lebron- Cause well its Lebron
Nate- Last years Champion
Demar- Rookie
Guy Dupuy- (totally should get this guy in)

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mike taylor: sick dunker

mike taylor: sick dunker (could be the small guy replacement to nate since he said he will not participate.

LBJ: duh

Blake griffin: i have doubts that two people from the same team could be in it but if not then ya since the NBA will want to showcase him and he is a great dunker and demar im not sure will get enough exposure to be in it.

dwight, if not then rudy fernandez: dwight to challenge LBJ on the 13 foot hoop and rudy since he was snubbed in the contest last year. he should of gotten better scores.

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They should widen the field

They should widen the field to 6, its wack with 4 guys...

But the 4 I'd pick would have to be:

With Rudy Gay, Rodney Carney and Gerald Green as the alternates if any of those guys don't wanna do it.

Brent Petway, James White, & Deron Washington are probably the best dunkers around, but they don't spend enough time on a roster to be considered for event!!!

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Rudy Gay Nate Robinson Deron

Rudy Gay
Nate Robinson
Deron Washington
James White

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I wouldn't mind seeing Nick

I wouldn't mind seeing Nick Young in it this year, he's got some ridiculous bounce. But it would be sick if Mike Taylor gets in this year

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Mike Taylor James White they

Mike Taylor
James White
they should definetly both be in
then Lebrons in
then they'll have the rookie vote and i think it'll be between
Derozan, Jennings, T-will, or Griffin

but i'd love to see the 1 on 1 thing

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They'll never have a star in

They'll never have a star in the dunk contest... but I'd def like to see Bundinger- he does have a good vert.

James White has some serious hops, hes not necessarily the best or most creative dunker but he has one of the best verts out there- possibly close to 50- I still cant believe he lost to David Lee in the high school all American game!

JR Giddens is a great athlete aswell but he dosen't play

Heck- I liked what I've seen of Trevor Ariza lately- he could be a candidate

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not nate!

i dont want to keep seeing the same dunks from him and then him getting credit for them jsut because hes short. hes short and can dunk. stop giving him 50s on windmills. if howard went up with a windmill hed prolly get a 40 at best. cmon...leave nate out!

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demar derozan is a great

demar derozan is a great dunker, and gay should get a courtesy appearance after being injured last year, i think dwight is too good not to be in it, and LBJ would be cool, but i doubt he'll actually do it, cause if he loses or sucks, it ruins his image as the best at everything, but if he will participate, then for sure i want to see him.

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james white

is not best dunker ever vince carter way better that kid cant even 360 and he went past line wasnt foul line

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lets be real

the NBA dunk contest is dead!! i mean the dunks that are being done arent even cool anymore. the dunk contest used 2 be cool because people would do things that we'd never seen before. but now there are dunk groups that tour the world and they dunk bettter than most nba players!! creativity isnt cool no more( see dwight howards' lame a$$ antics). fact is the dunk contest isnt wat it used 2 be. i like wat i read above about 1 on 1 games. lets see that.

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James White
Mike Taylor
Russell Westbrook
Deron Washington

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i would love to see them go back to the 8 man dunk competition. have the top dunker from each position, 2 nbdl players, and 1 streetball dunker. here a some considerations. pg- d rose, r westbrook, or mike taylor. sg- a iguodala, j richardson, or v carter. sf- l james, josh smith, or a thornton. pf- ty thomas, d lee, or b griffin. c- d howard, a stoudemire, or s dalembert. nbdl- p mensah-bonsu, j white, s weems, or other. streetball- air up there, helicopter, or spyda. what do u think?

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