Chase Budinger Interview

Sun, 06/21/2009 - 6:22am

Tell me about those workouts. How have they been going so far?

Good. It's been a long process. I've done so much traveling and playing, there've been times when I've woken up in a hotel and forgotten where I was. But I've gotten a lot of good feedback.

Chase Budinger

Can you rest a little? How many more workouts do you have before the draft?

I've got one more workout and then I'm done. I mean, I've done 12 already.

Which players have you worked out with, and who has impressed you?

I've worked out with Sam Young, Terrence Williams, Gerald Henderson, Wayne Ellington, those guys... oh, and Derrick Brown. They're all good players, you know? Sam has a strong body and is good driving to the basket, Terrence is athletic, and he's a good passer, Derrick is long. They're all good.

What do you do better than all those guys you just mentioned?

I think that my feel for the game is going to translate in the NBA better than those guys. I think I have better play-making abilities, and I think I'm a better shooter. Those two things alone are what separate me.

Which teams are showing the most interest at this point?

None of them more than others... you know, I've gotten good feedback from Indiana Chicago Atlanta, Dallas, and a lot of other teams - but I haven't heard about anyone specifically.

Based on your talent, where do you think you should be appropriately picked?

Um... I think 13-18 is a good range for me. But more importantly, I just want to get on a team where I will be able to play and contribute. You know, I don't want to sit on the bench, so I'm looking for a situation where I can get minutes, so it really doesn't matter where I get picked.

Many scouts say that in order to make it in the NBA, you have to have at least one skill that's transferable to the next level that can make you successful. What would that be for you?

Shooting the ball. You know, being able to knock down jump shots. Especially as a rookie I'm sure I'll have to rely on that. So I'm ready.

How has volleyball affected your basketball?

I think it's helped a lot with peripheral vision, and jumping higher and teamwork. I think that's all from volleyball.

Who in your life has always given you advice you can count on?

Definitely my parents... they've been big supporters, and have always been there.

Tell me about your upbringing... what was your family life like?

Well we had a very close family. I was the youngest. I have both an older brother and sister, and both are athletes. Both played volleyball in college and then in Europe. That's definitely where I got my competitive drive from.

Were your parents athletes?

Uhmm, yeah, I guess. My dad was a swimmer and played basketball in high school, but neither of them were really star athletes.

What was your first basketball memory?

Hmmm... well, I was always that little kid at my older siblings games who would run out and shoot the ball during timeouts and halftime. I was always into that.

Which NBA player did you imitate growing up?

I didn't try to imitate anyone really... I was always just watching players closely... watching Kobe operate, seeing his footwork. I just watch players and see what they do - learn from them.

Which player do you compare yourself to now?

I don't compare myself to anyone... I have a unique game.

Which past Arizona players have given you advice about the draft process?

I've talked to Luke Walton, Jason Terry and Andre Iguodala, and they have helped me a lot. They all pretty much say the same thing, they talk about working hard and the competitive drive that you have to have every time you step in the gym. Oh, and they also talk about how this is the next level, and now it's a job. So you're playing for your paycheck, which makes it a completely different atmosphere. It's a business.

With Sean Miller coming in now do you think Arizona can regain their Pac 10 dominance?

Well, I do think Sean Miller is definitely the right fit for Arizona... it'll take a couple of years for them to get back into the position they were in, but it will happen. Sean Miller is good with recruits and the coaching side, and he could coach them to become a top five program again.

Is there anything more we need to know about you?

One little fact that's kind of cool is that throughout my college career I played in 100 out of 100 games and I was a starter in all of them. That's kind of a cool little fact especially since I had three different head coaches.
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Who would have guessed when Budinger came out of high school that he would last three years in college and still not be considered one of the top prospects in the draft. Things sure changed quick for him.

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