DeMar DeRozan Interview

Fri, 06/19/2009 - 1:06am


Where are you now?

I'm in New York... just had a private workout here.


DeMar DeRozan

Tell me about those workouts. How have they been going so far?

Good. I've worked out in Oakland, New York, Toronto, Washington and Oklahoma. They've all been a good opportunity to show what I can do on the court.

Have you only been doing private individual workouts, or have you been working out with other players at your position?

No, they've all been individuals.

Why have you only worked out in that style?

Well, one advantage is that everyone can see what you have worked on and improved upon more.

What do you do better than other players in the draft at your position?

Well, I can easily guard my position. I've been working on my defense, and been trying to be defense minded first.

Which teams are showing the most interest at this point?

Every team I worked out for is interested, I think.

Many scouts say that in order to make it in the NBA, you have to have at least one skill that's transferable to the next level that can make you successful. Most people would say that for you, it's your athleticism, right? So besides that, what would be your best skill?

I think defense. If you look at athletic players in the NBA, if you look at the better players, Kobe, Jordan, they all had the ability to shut down the other player on defense. I see that.

This past year, what do you think attributed to your slow start and what did you figure out later in the season that helped your production?

You know, coming into college and I was focused on learning and just getting experience. I came in with my game, but I wanted to put new stuff into my game, so I was trying to do that. Then, I felt like I got to be more of a team player and then once I really learned the offense better things became easier on the offensive end. I think I was successful because I was trying to find easy spots to get points within the offense. I worked on rebounding too, but I once I got more aggressive in the flow of the offense the game became more mental.

Who in your life has always given you advice you can count on?

My mom and dad, hands down. They been with me throughout, you know? They've always told me to just follow your heart and do what makes you comfortable.

Tell me about your upbringing... what was your family life like?

Well, I grew up in Compton so there were a lot of adversities. I had models showing me what not to do there. But I always had my mom and dad there too. So I was ok. I had one older brother and one older sister. My brother coaches kids, you know, so he's giving back, and my sister... she's working, taking care of two daughters, you know.

Were your parents athletes?

My mom played tennis and my dad played football and basketball.

What was your first basketball memory?

In 6th grade when I first dunked.

Paint a picture for me. What was the scene like?

So, I was at a new school and I was on the basketball court with the 8th graders, and I told everyone I could dunk. And then I tried, and I dunked it... it was one handed off one foot. And so then I became popular at the school.

Which NBA player did you imitate growing up?

I pretended I was Kobe, and Jordan too. You know, I was practicing the fade away, and trying to see how they dunk.

Which player do you compare yourself to now?

I don't compare myself to anyone. I think I'm my own player.

Do you think you think you should be the second pick in the draft?

Oh definitely. You know, I think every player should say that, you know?

Alright, if there's anything you want to add, now's the time. Is there anything more we need to know about you?

Well, I think one thing a lot of people don't know about me, I'm like Dwight Howard... or a guy like Lebron, you know, where I like to have a lot of fun with the other guys and make things like that... make things fun.

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Good Interview

I love how DeMar likes defense so much. His athletisism will help him alot on defense, I think he will have another slow season Offensively his first year and be solid defensively(tough to see) and then in his sophmore year he will be a stud!!!!

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This kid is humble and interviews well. His desire to become a team player in college will surely help him out a great deal. casino en ligne

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