2009 Reebok Eurocamp: Prospects 11-20

Fri, 06/12/2009 - 9:49am

By Aran Smith & Borko Popic
Part 1: 2009 Reebok Eurocamp: Top 10 Prospects

Part two of our Eurocamp recap includes prospects 11-20 plus the rest.

Top Prospects 11-20

Patrick Beverly

Patrick Beverly
6'2'' G USA
1988 -- The camp MVP has a strong ability to turn the corner even though his size makes it difficult for him to finish. Was very effective by merely wanting it more than others and playing more aggressively. Tested well with good length (6'6.5" wingspan) and athleticism, but may struggle to get drafted. His speed was too much for a number of his opponents to handle as he got to the rim with ease. Did not play the final day as a number of the top players sat out. Unfortunately he's not a good floor manager and struggles making great decisions running the team.

Luigi DaTome 6'8'' SG/SF Italy 1987 -- As a spot up shooter he was among the best at the camp. He has a very nice stroke with a smooth release and when he gets his feet set, every one of his shots has a good chance of going in. Unfortunately, in terms of the rest of his game, he does not have much. If he is forced to put the ball on the floor, or shoot on the move, his effectiveness is reduced completely. His body is also extremely skinny which makes it hard for him to battle with the more physical players. The NBA seems like a reach for him, but shooters are always a commodity so he may have an outside chance.

Artem Zabelin 7'1'' PF Russia 1988 -- Has great size and length for a center, but his athleticism and mobility limit his overall game. He didn’t have a particularly strong week, but still showed some limited flashes that make him somewhat intriguing. For a 7-1 player he has a very good looking outside shot, and he proved that he is not afraid to step out even to the NBA 3 and try his luck. However, he is tentative and looks stiff with the ball and does not show up to play all the time. He is not very fond of contact, and he tries to stay away from physical play (including not going to the glass).

Daniel Hackett 6'5'' G Italy 1987 --

Daniel Hackett

In the games that he played (he missed the last day), Hackett looked steady and did the things that he does. He is not the type of player that will break down the defense and create opportunities of the dribble, but he takes care of the ball, plays within himself and knows how to get his team into their offense. The NBA 3 may be a little out of his range, but his midrange shot looked good and he was able to make a few on the move. Defensively, his feet may not be extremely quick, but he works hard and is able to stay in front of people. At 6-5 has good size for the position, and although he lacks offensive game and athleticism, he still has some potential for the next level.

Edwin Jackson 6'4'' SG France 1989 -- He wasn’t overly spectacular by any means, but he knows how to play the game and he gets the job done as a PG. He has good size and length to go along with a strong body and good athleticism. His outside shot is reliable, although he looked somewhat hesitant to pull the trigger when the opportunity was there. His legs are a bit heavy and he is not the quickest player, but he knows how to use his strength to get by defenders. A solid showing this week, but even then the NBA seems like a distant goal, Jackson seems like a perfect fit to play in Europe.

David Huertas 6'4'' G Puerto Rico 1988 -- Played well the entire week and was among the best shooters and performers. Although he didn’t make too many from the NBA distance, he definitely has enough range. He is very good coming off screens and can also shoot comfortably off the dribble. He measured at 6-5 with a 6-9 wingspan, which gives him nice size for the 2 spot. He is a very aggressive and scoring oriented player which can get him into trouble at times because he tends to force the action and he settles for bad shots. His athleticism is only marginal which hurts him in terms of blow by ability as well as finishing over bigger players. Even with some shortcomings, Huertas understands the game well, and the performance this week has definitely helped his stock.

Jaka Klobucar 6'6'' SG/SF Slovenia 1987 -- He may not have all that much potential as an NBA prospect, but if there was a Player of the Camp Award, he would be the heavy favorite to win. His outside shot was working for the most part, and he showed that he can hit deep threes off the dribble (even when contested). He has an unorthodox lefty game and he uses a variety of shifty moves to get to the basket. His strength is also difficult to match up with, especially when he decides to attack to his strong hand. What holds him back is that he is essentially a 6-6 wing player (with a 6-4 wingspan) who is a supbar athlete. When he gets matched up against longer defenders he struggles getting his shot off. These shortcoming will most likely hold him back from a shot at the NBA, but he still looks like he will make a nice career for himself playing in Europe.

Henk Norel 7'0'' PF/C Netherlands 1987 -- He is extremely long and although he doesn’t have many reliable moves, he knows how to score around the basket. His good hands and soft touch allow him to catch passes as well as finish in traffic. As a spotup shooter out to about 15 feet, he is very reliable and this draws the opposing big men from the paint because they have to contest him. His frame is fairly skinny, making it difficult for him to fight for space on the inside. He is also a very poor runner which is a direct result of his awkward running form, and this makes him come late into plays on both ends of the floor. His size, length and touch are certainly intriguing, but the lack of mobility, a skinny frame and minimal moves in the post hurt his chances of playing at the NBA level.

Kostas Papinikolaou

Kostas Papanikolaou 6'8'' SG/SF Greece 1990 -- He has nice size and decent athleticism to play on the wing, although right now his game looks to be in the mould of a 3/4 type of forward. He has a smooth lefty jumpshot and he showed that his range stretches well out to the NBA 3. He seemed passive for most of the time, only taking shots that were wide open rather than trying to create his own opportunities. Part of the problem is that his game off the dribble is very limited, so he is very uncomfortable handling the ball and has no confidence attacking. If he can add to his perimeter game and in return become a full time SF, he will definitely better his outlook as a prospect.

Tornike Shengelia 6'8'' SF Georgia 1991 -- The 1991 born Georgian measured at 6-9 and showed enough potential to become a nice player down the road. He is strictly a wing player, but even at his size can do some good things off the dribble as well as with his shot. He is fairly aggressive and his length helps him when slashing to the hoop, although his body is still weak so he doesn’t take contact well. He has a good feel for the ball both in terms of getting into the passing lanes as well as attacking the glass. Overall, his game is still very raw, but he has a lot of good things going for him.

The Rest

Joe Ingles 6'8'' SG/SF Australia 1987 -- Ingles started to warm up as the camp went on but overall he was a disappointment. Appeared to be going through the motions most of the time lacking the presence to get noticed. Teases you with good length and some skills, but appears to lack any fire.

Rudy Jomby 6'6'' SG/SF France 1988 -- Jomby has not improved since we saw him here last year playing for the French national team. He lacks great confidence and decision making. Physically and athletically he looks the part, but isn't able to outperform inferior athletes.

Andrea Milutinovic 6'7'' SG Serbia 1990 -- Appears much more comfortable playing with his FMP team as he did twice. Decent skill level and athleticism. Still looks about 13 years old so it;s possible he;s late to physically develop. He;s extremely skinny and his foot speed makes things difficult for him. Appears to be a prospect for Europe.

Ludovic Vaty 6'9'' PF France -- Had a decent showing. Very long. Has some skills in the post and touch explaining his high scoring average this year. However didn't show much in the way of NBA potential. His body fat appears to be high and he doesn't have much nastiness. Would get destroyed by physical NBA 4s.

Semen Shashkov 6'9'' SF Russia -- A talented kid with nice speed and skills. Still leaves you wanting more as he's not always very aggressive about making plays. Appeared to gain confidence as the camp progressed.

Jayson Granger 6'3'' SG Uruguay -- Granger makes the all guns team with a very long and muscular set of arms. He has a good understanding of the game showing some ability to play either guard position. Was neutralized mostly by the talent of the other guards in camp and it appears that high level Europe is his ceiling.

Nemanja Aleksandrov

Nemanja Aleksandrov 6'11'' SF/PF Serbia 1987 -- Once considered a possible #1 overall pick, when he was 17 years old. Europan scouts still rave about the talent this kid once possessed. Unfortunately by the time he was able to declare for the draft it was too late as he had fallen far due to his knee injury. A shadow of his former self. Still shoots the ball well, but doesn't play with any of the confidence or explosiveness he once had. Has become a low level European player with no chance at the NBA.

Andrei Vorontsevich 6'10' SF/PF Russia 1987 -- Not the most spectacular player, but he works hard, battles for the entire game and in the end gets the job done. He is slightly undersized, does not have good length and is only a decent athlete; this all makes it difficult for him to become a serious inside scoring threat. He did step out to the NBA 3 on 4 occasions, but it was obvious (both from his form and the fact that he didn’t make any) that it is out of his reach. What he lacks in terms of size and offensive skill, he makes with his energy and ability to get to the glass. He is too undersized to become a bruiser in the NBA, but his talents will surely earn him money overseas.

Aboubakar Amadou Zaki 7'1'' C Nigeria 1988 -- A bit of a dissapointment. He looks very impressive when you first see him as he's incredibly long and has good weight. Unfortunately the game appears to be too fast for him as he's slow to make decisions and moves in the post. He's got decent mobility and speed for his size, but is extremely raw and doesn't appear to have much understanding of how to play. Showed some emotion ar times, but failed to make many impressive plays in camp.

Boban Marjanovic
7'3'' C Serbia 1988 -- A fun player to watch due to his size. Lacks the speed to play at the NBA level. His ability to catch the ball and make plays in the post is like watching slow motion. Measured aa standing reach of 9'7 meaning he can dunk on his tippy toes. Had by far the slowest time in the 3/4 court sprint at 4.44.

Harry Ezenibe 6'3'' G Nigeria 1987 -- Long African player who rose up and had some very impressive dunks in camp. His skill level is very low making him a low level European player at best.

Adam Lapeta 7'2'' C Poland 1987 -- A big lumbering center who gives good effort. Looks clumsier than he actually is. Regardless, a low level European player.

Johannes Lischka 6'8'' F Germany 1987 -- Had a big effort on the final day with a game high 18 points. Thin power forward with low to mid level European potential.

Uros Nikolic 6'10' PF/C Serbia 1987 -- Bigman who showed solid toughness. Decent length and mobility. Not for NBA.

Nemanja Gordic 6'4'' PG Bosnia/Herzegovina 1988 -- A smooth and steady point guard with size, but failed to stand out. Should be solid at the European level.

Elmedin Kikanovic 6'11'' C Bosnia/Herzegovina 1988 -- Has a nice mid range shot and plays with good toughness. He's put weight on but doesn;t have the body strength nor athleticism to be a great inside guy. Plays smart and gives good effort but a mid level European team is his destiny.

Stefan Markovic 6'5'' SG Serbia 1988 -- Impressed with his ability to shoot the ball. Has nice skills but lacks standout athletic ability and just a good not a great shooter.

Abdoulaye Mbaye 6'2'' SG France 1988 -- Plays very aggressively. An undersized shooting guard. Good upperbody strength but a low to mid level European player at best.
Terrence Oglesby 6'2'' SG USA 1988 -- Impressive leaping ability as he had one of the highest verticals in the camp. A 6-2 shooting guard with excellent outside shooting ability. With a Danish passsport, he should have a nice career as a 2g in Europe.

Anton Ponomarev 6'10'' SF/PF Russia 1988 -- A bit of a mystery guy heading into the camp who due to playing in Khasistan had received some hype based on his size and numbers. Has a very unusual body with short legs and a long torso. Very awkward when he runs. Does some things well, but not athletic enough to be anything more than a mid level European player.

Alexandros Sigkounas 6'9'' PF Greece 1988 -- Had a nice showing on the 3rd day with a game high 18 points. Didn't stand out athletically. Just an average player who hustles.

Adam Hanga

Adam Hanga 6'7'' SG Hungary 1989 -- One of the more impressive athletes. Coming from Hungary doesn't appear to be a guy that has played the game long at a high level and his decision making and feel for the game are behind. Lacks the skills and aggressiveness to utilize his athleticism.

Georgios Bogris 6'11'' C Greece 1989 -- A fluid athlete but not very explosive nor talented. A lower level player in Greece.

Carl Ona Embo 6'1'' PG France 1989 -- Embo came on towards the end of camp. One of the younger guys, born in 89, Embo displays some decent athlticism and speed. He's more of a combo than a true point and doesn't stand out as a shooter or an athlete.

Fernando Raposo 6'10'' PF Portugal 1989 -- Based on first glances, Raposo looks like he should be one of the top prospects from this camp. Unfortunately his feel for the game and aggressiveness are far behind his physical abilities. He's extremely long and an explosive athlete. Unfortunately outside of running the floor and dunking, he looks completely lost on the court, particularly with the ball in his hands.

Evangelos Sakellariou 6'5'' SG Greece 1989 -- One of the less talented players in camp. Gave solid effort but does not have any area in which he stands out from an NBA perspective.

Avramov Bozhidar 6'5'' G Bulgaria 1990 -- Younger guy who failed to make much of a mark. One of the lowest scorers in camp.

Ibrahima Niang Thierno G Senegal 1990 -- The fatest kid in camp, Thiero looked a little overwhelmed as he struggled to score many points. He did display a solid jumper on occaision. He's younger so there's hope for him to improve but looks to be a lower to mid level European prospect.

Nikolaos Pappas 6'5'' PG Greece 1990 -- One of the smartest players in camp, he really knows how to pass and understands the game. Unfortunately his foot speed is painfully slow making the NBA impossible. He should have a very nice career in Greece however.

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