2009 Reebok Eurocamp: Top 10 Prospects

Wed, 06/10/2009 - 11:03pm

Jonas Jerebko

1. Jonas Jerebko 6'9'' SF Sweden 1987
Even though he only ended up playing one game, it was enough for Jerebko to showcase the majority of his strengths as well as some weaknesses. His outside shot was working and he was able to step out to the NBA three and easily knock down a couple from deep. He showed his athleticism on a backdoor cut where he finished with a nice dunk over a big help side defender. His strength is also a key ingredient to his game as he is able to battle with bigger players inside and can also do some damage with his back to the basket. He converted on a few plays around the basket, one including a nice running hook and the other one was a tough finish after a spin move in the paint. With all of the good things that Jerebko showed, it was still obvious that he is not a smooth and natural player. His shot is effective, but his release is extremely slow and he is not good at shooting on the move or off the dribble. Off the dribble he is extremely limited and is not comfortable making counter moves when he gets cut off. He likes to turn his back to the defense when he feels pressure, and then tries to use his body to continue his progress to the basket. With all that said, the one game was definitely a positive for Jerebko, he seems like a great kid who is willing to put in the work and as a result he should have a good chance to play in the NBA.

2. Patrick Mills 6'0'' PG Australia 1988
Overall Mills played well, but did not do enough to answer the many questions that linger around his game. He proved that he is more than capable of creating his shot, and he also showed that his jumper has gained a lot more consistency. Pushing the ball in transition there are not many players anywhere that can match his speed and ball control. He has a very good understanding of how to get by people and he turns the corner with the best of them. Unfortunately, other than the improvement on his jumper, all of the other things mentioned are aspects previously known about Mills. He had this week to show that he can create for teammates and actually run a team by being a facilitator, however, this he failed to do. Most of his focus was on scoring the ball and it was not the best approach that he could have taken. His size also proved to be a major issue, even though he is tremendous at getting by people, when finishing around the basket he has great difficulty. He is not the greatest leaper and he is not comfortable finishing with his left which makes him very sporadic completing plays around the basket. Defensively, he can obviously move his feet, but he does not put much effort into staying in front of people. All in all, this was definitely not the best week Mills could have had in terms of his stock and it would be difficult to see him in the first round because of it.

Patrick Mills

3. Alexey Shved 6'6'' SG Russia 1988
Shved played well throughout the week and showed that he is the most talented player of the group. When he starts to feel it, his outside shot is absolutely deadly, and he is not afraid to let it fly, even under great duress. He has a good wingspan and is a very explosive leaper, which makes him a good finisher and a very underrated rebounder. He may not have the most explosive first step, but the combination of his long stride, the fact that people have to play him close because of his shot, and his ability to operate off the dribble make him a very good slasher. For the first two days, he played on the wing which made it difficult to judge his playmaking ability. On the last day, with the injured Beverly, Shved was allowed to be the primary ball handler. While by no means does he look like a true PG, he showed a tremendous feel for the game and the ability to deliver the ball to open teammates. He understands spacing and knows where the weak side help is rotating and therefore he can pick apart a defense simply with his pass. In terms of potential for the next level, Shved definitely has plenty, but the down side is the fact that he lacks a true position. His body has improved, but his arms are still extremely skinny and his narrow shoulders make it look like he may never be able to add any substantial bulk to his frame. Next season will be a key one for Shved, with Ettore Messina gone and the possibility of some major roster changes in CSKA, he'll have a good opportunity to get major minutes and prove that he can play consistently at a high level.

4. Rodrigue Beaubois 6'2'' G France 1988
After playing pretty well in the first game, Beaubois sat out the rest of the games due to an injury to his wrist. This is the 2nd time that he has only played one game at Eurocamp, which obviously raises questions about his body and his durability. The game that he did play, it was obvious that his physical package is amongst the best in this draft class. His explosiveness and length allow him to get by people in the open court as well as in the half court, and he can also be a menace defensively because he can harass ballhandlers and can also block shots as well as get into the passing lanes. However, in the early workouts and in the lone game that he played in, it was obvious that Rodrique’s jump shot still needs a lot of work. A big problem is a hitch at the top of his release, which not only hurts the alignment but also his trajectory. It takes away his legs, kills the rhythm and it shortens his range, making outside shots very difficult for him to convert on, especially when fatigued. As far as being a lead guard and displaying the ability to make decisions within an offense, Beaubois is still a very long way from being ready; he does not see the floor well and does not understand how to set people up. He is certainly not ready to play in the big leagues yet, but his age (1988) and physical attributes definitely make him a player worth taking a gamble on.


Tomas Satoransky

5. Tomas Satoransky 6'7'' SG Czech Republic 1991
He may not have put up the most impressive stats, but Satoransky showed a very promising package and he is a name that will be on the draft radar for years to come. He is a 1991 born wing player, and he measured at 6’7 which gives him good size for the next level. His outside shot right now is obviously one of his weaknesses, but it is by no means terrible. Watching him shoot the NBA three, it was obvious that he doesn’t have enough strength right now to step out to that range, but when he moves in closer his form gets better as well as the accuracy. His quickness is also not superb which takes away from his blow by ability, but he is fairly aggressive when attacking, and as his handles improve he should have no problem making counter moves. He is a very good leaper and knows how to finish around the basket (whether it's playing the angles or finishing above the rim). Also very impressive is his vision and passing ability; he is extremely unselfish and finds open teammates with regularity. Satoransky definitely has many good things going for him, but he still has a lot of work to put in before his potential begins to materialize. A big step will surely depend on where he ends up playing over the next few seasons; the Czech leagues are not known for a high level of basketball which means it is in his best interest to develop his game elsewhere.

6. Sergii Gladyr 6'6'' SG/SF Ukraine 1989
The little known guard from the Ukraine proved that he not only belongs with the best young European players, but that he can be near the top of that list. His outside shot is very consistent, and he was one of the few players at camp that could comfortably shoot the NBA 3. It's uncommon to find a Ukrainian player at his age with such a polished skill set. His first step is limited, but combining his aggressiveness and ability to draw defenders out, he can still get by people on a consistent basis. Defensively, he puts in a tremendous effort, moves his feet well and uses his bulky frame to body the ballhandler out of driving lanes. He can get caught up in trying to do too much and he doesn’t make the best decisions, especially when he gets into traffic and he faces a 2nd defender. His explosiveness and size (long neck) are also not superb, but he has a nice overall game that will garner attention in this draft or in the succeeding ones.

7. Vyacheslav Kravtsov 7'0'' C Ukraine 1987
The big man showed a lot of intriguing things this week, including a good motor, good hands, solid body and the ability to bang inside with opposing bigs. He does not shy away from physical play and using his wide frame he can get good position. His offensive repertoire may not be the most advanced, but his footwork is fundamental and he shoots an efficient mini hook around the basket. He is an excellent athlete for his size (37 inch vertical and a 7'2 wingspan, 9'3 standing reach), but unfortunately he hasn't yet figured out how to use his great physical gifts to his advantage. He also does not have the greatest foot speed which limits his defensive potential to a degree. He was listed at 6’8 with shoes, but standing beside the 7’ Henk Norel it was obvious that 6’11 would be a much better representation. He may not be the most dynamic player, but he is a big, athletic body; a combination that makes him a commodity in today’s game.


Nando DeColo

8. Nando DeColo 6'5'' PG France 1987
His passing was simply top notch the entire week, whether it was full court passes, backdoors, lobs, finds off screens, he showed the he is a superb playmaker. His quickness and leaping ability hurt him when operating in ISO situations because he has a hard time getting a shoulder by the defender. But when he gains an advantage, such as in a screen and roll setting, he makes good reads that usually end up in a high quality shot attempt for his team. He is also very good from the outside, where he is more than capable of shooting off the dribble or in spot up situations. Along with his limited athleticism is his size; these two mixed together make him essentially an undersized combo guard. He does not have the size or strength to play on the wing, nor does he have the explosiveness to operate as a lead guard on a regular basis.

9. Vladimir Dasic 6'10'' SF Montenegro 1988
He has all the physical tools to become a top level prospect, but his demeanor and passive approach make him a fringe 2nd round talent. For a wing player, he has the size, strength, wingspan and athleticism, but when attacking the hoop he looks like all of these things are missing from his package. The only time his athleticism is showcased is on a clear path to the basket, otherwise his layup attempts are very soft and they find the bottom of the hoop with mixed results. He has moments where he shows glimpses of his slashing game, as well as the ability to mix up secondary moves. His jump shot is up and down, but his form is good and his release is smooth and he proved that his range can extend to the NBA 3. Right now, Dasic is relying upon intrigue and potential, but at some point things have to translate into consistency on the court, and until they do, he will continue to be a borderline player.

10. Pablo Aguilar 6'9'' SF/PF Spain 1989
Aguilar’s game may not be very flashy, but it is full of substance and it works. He is a 3/4 type forward, not big enough to bang inside, nor is his perimeter game polished enough to play on the wing full time. But as a basketball player, he is very useful; he has tremendous length (7'1 wingspan), nice athleticism, plays with a lot of energy and runs the floor extremely hard. As a spot up shooter he is dangerous, especially if he has time to set his feet. He reads the floor well and gets to open spaces, allowing the guards an easy passing angle off penetration. Aguilar is not a player that can be looked to create his own opportunities, but as a glue guy that does a little bit of everything, he can be a nice piece.

*Check back for a rundown on all the other Eurocamp participants.

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