Max contract: in or out?

Was reading this article, pretty interesting, handling wether players will get a max contract (not if they deserve it). Their pretty spot on (in my opinion), although Bynum might get max if he plays this year, and Jefferson might not get it because he flies a bit under the radar. What is your opinion? What do you see as possible destinations for these guys?

Player (Contract according to Bleacherreport)
Al Jefferson (Max)
Andrew Bynum (No Max)
Josh Smith (Max)
Andre Iguodala (No Max)
Brandon Jennings (Max)

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I don't think any of those

I don't think any of those players are worth max money. That's the problem that the NBA has gotten in over the last few years, handing out max contracts like candy. The contracts aren't as bad in the first year or two but after that they are crippling to a team's financial flexibility unless you are the Lakers and don't mind pay the taxes.

I see max contract players as those who can carry a team to the playoffs by themselves.

Josh Smith has an all-around game and can do so many things but under the new CBA, imagine a team paying him $20 million per season when he's 32 years old. He isn't a guy who can put a team on his back for stretches during a game.

Brandon Jennings has good numbers but he is a chucker and is by no means a guy who can carry a team for a month because of his inconsistencies.

Andre Iguodala, aren't we going through this right now with Iggy? He isn't worth the money he's making right now. Sign him to another max deal and it will be more of the same.

Andrew Bynum hasn't played all season, has had attitude problems in the past and is a walking injury so a max contract for him is laughable.

Al Jefferson has put up big numbers on average teams. I really like his game and think he should get paid but max money is a stretch.

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I don't have a thing to add

I don't have a thing to add but I agree with literally eveything in your post.

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The problem is the HUGE

The problem is the HUGE raises the player gets each year. 7.5% is crazy when that first year is 15mil. I have never been a fan the way the NBA structures its contracts. That 15mil turns into over 20 million in just 4 years. Some of them were already a borderline max player at 15 million and then 4 short years later they are making over 20 million dollars a year. I don't have that big of a problem with some of these guys making 13-15 million per year but the 20 millions have to stop.

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yeah, it is not fair that

yeah, it is not fair that guys like eric gordon, josh smithif he gets it, make as much as lebron. I think there should only be 10 or 15 max players reserved for guys like lebron, westbrook, durant, love, griffin, paul, harden, kobe, howard when he is healthy, rose and a few other guys at the most. I know I might have left off a couple players but it was just to put out the types of players who deserve to be paid max money

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I wouldn't have a problem

I wouldn't have a problem with these max contracts being issued if the NBA didn't have fully guaranteed contracts like the NFL. I think that system is a lot better for both the owners and players. The owners can restructure a deal if a player isn't playing well and vise-versa. Not only that but players will play harder each season knowing each season has contract implications. I'm pretty sure Rashard Lewis would have played A LOT better when he was making 20mil a year if the NBA had non-guaranteed contracts.

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Who will get max then?

For what are Atlanta & Dallas (and numerous other teams (e.g. Houston) as well) saving their cap space then? I still think both CP3 and Howard resign in LA, leaving the following attractive FA left:
- Mayo (Player option)
- Jack
- David West
- Teague (Restricted)
- Ellis (PO)
- Tyreke Evans (R)
- Pekovic (R)
- Millsap
- Ginobili

Not to good of a group of FA, that's why I agree with Bleacher that although they might not deserve it, players like Smith and Jennings will get max money.

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Just because you have the

Just because you have the space, doesn't mean you have to use it right away. This year's free agent class may not be great but that doesn't mean you should overpay just to say you brought someone in.

I'm a huge Hawks fan and I am in no way wanted to bring back Josh Smith at more money than Al Horford makes ($12). Resigning Josh at max money would prohibit the Hawks from bringing in any other players in two years.

I'd take my chances will David West at $10 million over 2-3 years as opposed to Josh Smith at max money for the next 4 or 5 years.

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the max contract is a joke at

the max contract is a joke at times

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