Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

I have a semi-small trade idea that involves the two best Western Conference teams. I don't think this will actually work out, but I thought it might be a pretty good deal.

OKC gets: Corey Joseph, DeJuan Blair

SAS gets: Daniel Orton, Eric Maynor, OKC 1st round pick, CHA 2nd round pick (looking like it will be #31)


For OKC, they get the "Thunder Killer" in DeJuan Blair who is a very good rebounder and a pretty efficient post scorer. Corey Joseph would be there to kind of have the same role as Maynor is having right now.

For SAS, I believe I heard that even though they have a plethora of point guards, they are trying to upgrade their backup point guard. I feel like Maynor would be that guy for them as he is a traditional pass first point guard who has a high assist/turnover ratio. I feel he would be good in Pop's system as well. Orton would be there to basically have the same role as Blair, even though he's nowhere near the player that Blair is. Because of that, I threw in the late first-rounder and the high second round pick.

Do you think this is an even trade? Is OKC giving up too much? Is SAS giving up too much?

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How many minutes is Blair

How many minutes is Blair playing for SAS at the moment? Think OKC gives way to much, especially with all the draft picks.

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