Zeller vs. Noel

Everybody's favorite big men haha, with both of them coming on strong recently I figured I'd start a forum. Noel starting to show exactly how big of a game changer he can be. 2 points the other day but Kentucky is in for a battle in that game without him. Zeller leading Indiana on a surge. Who do you like right NOW for the #1 pick and why?

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Nerlens Noel. His defense is

Nerlens Noel.

His defense is just tooo valuable to pass up at this point, his offense is coming along as well somewhat, but you can teach him that at the next level, he may never be a 20 point scorer but he can average 12-15.

He rebounds better, and his shot blocking and overall defense is just game changing, Zeller isn't a game changer at any aspect as of now.

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I agree with you on that. I

I agree with you on that. I think Noel is a game changer defensively. As I said, even if he only scores 2 points he can change a game defensively. That's very important especially if he has an off night which I expect to happen in his early years on offense. I don't see Zeller having any game changing qualities as of now. Good player, going to be a solid NBA player(15-17ppg 7-10reb) but defense isn't near Noels and his offense is not advanced enough to be game changing. If he adds a solid mid-range game then that adds a different dimension to this conversation!

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Last year, everyone pegged

Last year, everyone pegged Anthony Davis as a "game changer" defensively. This year, the Hornets are a worse defensive team. It is not solely on Davis that New Orleans is worse as they are a younger team this year, but this argument that shot blockers from college or abroad can translate their defensive impact in the NBA needs to stop. When was the last time it actually played out that way.

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When I watch Noel play I

When I watch Noel play I cannot see anyway he averages 10 points in any season in the NBA. Some people call him raw, but I have not seen one offensive move apart from a lay-up that he has even attempted. And this against much inferior defenders than he will play for the next 10 years.

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I think Zeller has the

I think Zeller has the highest floor out of all the players at the top of this draft.
He smart, athletic, fundamentally sound, skilled and plays hard.
I think he could easily be a low maintenance 17-18ppg 8-9reb type of player with solid position defense, who a team wouldn't even have to run a whole bunch of plays for. Kinda like a Horford.
He's probably not a feature guy offensively in the future, but he has the game to quietly put up good numbers within the flow of the game on high efficiency.

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