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I'm pretty old school comparatively to the majority of users on this site... I grew up watching Magic Johnson when I was little. I can remember watching the Lakers play in what would have been their 3rd straight championship. In the playoffs, the Lakers had swept every team they faced and advanced to the finals against a hungry Detroit Pistons team. Then Magic pulled his hamstring. He tried to continue and it didn't work out. The Pistons swept the Magicless Lakers in the remaining games. (I'll admit I'm totally bias and don't even count that Piston's championship because they didn't beat Magic)

I played at open gym last night... damn... never pulled a hammy this bad in my life... excruciating pain! I make sure to stretch before and after games and just had bad luck anyways this time but when I was younger I would never stretch, and this maybe something that caught up to me... Hamstrings are not supposed to pop like that... even my buddy 3 feet away heard it pop... Can't even bend my leg at all yet alone walk. I've broken my arm before and this is at least as painful as that was... bruised all kinds too once I got up this morning... At least it's not the NBA finals or anything, but WOW!!! I know what Magic went through now! Hopefully it's a 2nd degree and not a 3rd- yikes!

Anyways, any athletes on here that that's happen to with any tips besides hot/cold and light massage?
For anyone out there on the court, stretch good before and after to prevent this from happening to you...

Guess I'll be watching that Michigan/Indiana game instead of playing ball after all...

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Try this
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The deer-antler spray is know

The deer-antler spray is know to be magical...

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Nick Saban approves

Nick Saban approves

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You're old and injured, we have no more use for you.. its time to drag you out back and put you down, sorry it had to come to this hahaha

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Outside of keeping it iced

Outside of keeping it iced and "walking it off" I don't really know. Might ask a doctor instead of us. ;)

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First things first. Sorry to

First things first. Sorry to hear about your injury... from what you describe, you will be out awhile. I'd say atleast 8 weeks...probably much more. In 4 weeks time, when your hammy starts to feel better, continue to stay off it. You need to very slowly bring it back or you will pop it again. Hamstrings are lilke groin pulls. They take forever before you get back to 100%, usually because players keep tweaking them by coming back too soon. In addition, when you try to play with either of these injuries you tend to compensate with other parts and the outcome is never good.

As an older player like yourself, I've found stretching to "warm up" is a no no. Whats worked best for me is warming up slowly on my own first and after 15 minutes or so when I have a mild sweat, then I start stretching. Stretching cold muscles leads to exactly the injury you experienced.

As for your recovery I would use hot compress for 5-10 minutes followed by a cold compress for 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a day for the first 7-10 days. After this period I would work on range of motion exercises... but be careful not to stretch it just yet. You just want to move the leg so the blood in the area can disipate, reduce swelling and promote healing. At about 4 weeks it should start to feel better and if I'm virtually pain free I would start with very mild stretching twice a day. Continue to be patient at this point because it will be tempting to return to play. Too much too soon is a bad thing. Your getting close but full force exercises and explosvie movements will reset the entire process.

Healing will take as long as it takes. You can't rush nature (much) but if you do, she will bite you in the ass for ignoring the rules.

Good luck.

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Made my day

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