One handed high school player Zach Hodskins

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One handed high school player Zach Hodskins

Did not think this had been posted yet and when I saw it, was pretty amazed. This guy works incredibly hard and has definite game, not to mention can shoot from deep. He plays for Milton HS in Georgia and is averaging double digit points. The team is only 3-6 though it does feature sons of former New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis, Mo Lewis IV and Chris Lewis.

Chris, a 6-7 freshman, garnered media attention by garnering two scholarships offers from Memphis and New Mexico before playing a high school game. Right now Hodskins is the third leading scorer on the team, ahead of the younger Lewis. Guessing that some might have seen this, just wanted to post so people can get the chance to see how incredible this kid is with only the use of his right hand.

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I'm impressed with his

I'm impressed with his ability to shoot the ball because he uses his elbow as his off hand to hold for his release.

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I actually played against a

I actually played against a one armed player in high school, he was on the same team as Kevin Kobel, the former Northwestern standout. The guy actually had a good shot and had real quick feet so he could stay in front of you on defense. We fouled him intentionally near the end of the game in which he missed both free throws but they still won.

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Got a friend in Georgia who told me about this kid a while ago, but there wasn't any video at the time. Kid looks smooth...although when you have a dope beat like that video had...everyone looks good (lol). Kid can definitely play tho...and one arm...what??? Forget about it....truly inspirational!

As far as Chris Lewis is concerned, been following his game for a while. Currently have him in the Top 50 for the Class of 2016. Kid's a baller. Let's not forget his father Mo was the linebacker who took out Drew Bledsoe back in the day. And we all know what happened after that...The legend of Tom Brady was created.

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There was another one handed

There was another one handed player in college not too long ago, but he was a big so he didn't have to handle the ball as much. His handle has to be really impressive because you know opposing coaches are telling his players to force him left.

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He is at least good enough to

He is at least good enough to play DII low DI basketball somewhere. It is hard to judge players from highlights playing against crappy competition, but he looks really good for only having 1 arm. Defense might be a problem, but if He can overcome having one arm to play that good, then I would never doubt him playing Division 1 basketball.

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I would always force him

I would always force him left.

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