The Upside And Potential OF Tony Wroten ( Updated Version )

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The Upside And Potential OF Tony Wroten ( Updated Version )

Tony Wroten
For all the Tony Wroten fans, yes tony wroten has great potential, but to keep it real with everybody. He can be a flat out bust if he doesn't develop properly. In my opinion he is the best point guard prospect in the nation, and should be a top ten pick this year based purely on his talent & potential alone.

Best Case Scenario: He can be the next Tyreke Evans with better passing skills

Worst Case Scenario: He can be the next Lance Stephenson ( Talented, but very immature and erratic in his decision making )

My opinion of Tony Wroten's weaknesses and strengths:

  • His ball handling & slashing ability in my opinion is simply off the charts, and I am very jealous of his ability to penetrate and get to where he wants to go at will. I feel like he has the whole package as a ball handler ( he's quick, fast, agile, strong, can change speeds, stop on a time, he can utilize a variety of dribble moves to create space and driving lanes for himself, he has very good body control and balance when driving, he turns the corner when driving around his defender very well, he stays very low on his drives, he utilizes retreat dribble skills, change of direction dribble skills, hops steps and side steps very well when driving, he can read & adjust to the defense very well when penetrating, he's a master at using every and any angle when driving, and he finds a way to slip through the smallest driving angles when he's handling the ball. He has what I call scary/crazy handles, and has the potential to be unguardable in isolation situations when he's driving to the basket to create offensive opportunities for himself or teammates.
  • His passing ability has the potential to be very very very special. He can make just about any pass and from any angle, and he uses what I call the anticipation pass, which is hard too guard and helps him create something out of nothing. Because he anticipates where the defensive or offensive player will be before he passes to the spot that he wants the offensive player to be. It's a great passing skill that passing greats like magic johnson or larry bird used all the time. It's like having a natural sense of timing that allows you to make plays before the defense can adjust. He's also great at looking off the defender ( the no look pass ) or using ball fakes to create passing angles, and he can make very difficult, very accurate, and at times very flashy passes in traffic

  • Physically he has great size and length for the point guard position at 6'6'' with a 6'9'' wingspan, and is a very good all-around athlete ( he has a great combination of speed, quickness, and agility ), he also seems to be pretty strong physically, and has deceptive leaping ability when he's able to gain momentum from running

  • He has the potential to be a dynamic defender, where he uses is nonstop motor and high intensity to rebound at a high level for a guard, track down lose balls, block shots when he's in good position to do so, get steals, and play very good defense when he utilizes his great lateral quickness and the proper defensive stance.
  • Most importantly he has what I call great mental ability, which is what really determines how great a player will become. He's very confident in his ability, plays with a tremendous amount of toughness & heart, plays with an edge, and is fearless.

His poor decision making, high turnover rate, and very poor shooting ability might prevent him from turning into an elite level point guard prospect if doesn't improve on those issues. Because right now at this point of his career, you can't use him as the primary ball handler from the point guard position because of his knack to potentially turn the ball over or consistently make poor decisions. And his poor shooting ability on the perimeter might limit his great ball handling & slashing ability, when he's being guarded by better athletes in the NBA, who will simply back off of him, clog the paint, and force him to shoot the ball.
I love Tony Wroten's potential and ability to develop into an elite level point guard prospect in the NBA, but he has to work on improving his weaknesses or he might develop into a player that coaches don't have alot of confidence in to run the team properly from the point guard position. Because of poor decision making. I hope he turns his weaknesses into strengths, because when he does, he will be a very fun player to watch play in the NBA
Great Highlight Tape Of Tony Wroten's Talent & Ability:

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He's my favorite prospect I

He's my favorite prospect I was glad to see he his is a legit 6'6 that's great size for the point which I feel he is more than capable of playing but I heard his shot was horrible at the combine right not I wouldn't be surprise if he went top 10 or early second round the talent is there but how bad does he want it.

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Poor man's Tyreke Evans

Poor man's Tyreke Evans (which is an awful player).

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with that analyst about him,

with that analyst about him, it sound like the next Rajon Rondo!

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Rodney Stuckey

I'm gonna go with Rodney Stuckey. Not a great shot, great height for a PG. Could play a lot of 2-guard with that height. Very athletic and underrated passing skills. Sounds a lot like Rodney Stuckey did when he was drafted.

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Hornets should take him at 10. If perry jones can get drafted of potential and not production in the lottery, why cant wroten

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Apparently he recorded the

Apparently he recorded the fastest time in the sprint from the combine, that will help his cause.

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Love Him.

He's the perfect risk for a contender to take. I see his upside (if he absolutely reaches his full potential) being a Rondo-type player. On the other hand, if he doesn't learn to make the smart pass and increase his 4-player awareness as Rondo has, he will likely become a shut-down defender, but a one dimensional (slasher) offensively. His speed and power is really impressive for a pg, but his shooting is alarmingly bad. I didn't even realize how bad until I watched him a few days ago... wow. A completely broken shot. I'm not sure it's redeemable.

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as i've been saying all

as i've been saying all along, its impossible to say what he is gonna become. So many qulaities and question marks. Guy cant make a jumper to save his life but even with opponents giving him space he gets wherever he wants and into the lane almost at will. I dont know if he is lotto material or not, but GM's have to be on some wacky stuff if he falls into the second round. Even if it takes some time or if he never figures it out, you cant let this much skill fall that far in the draft.

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A legit 6'6???? He measured

A legit 6'6???? He measured at 6'4.75 in socks. We all know the measurment in shoes is the furthest thing from legit since some players add anywhere from .5-2 inches.

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Still even 6'5 is great height for a pg..

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No one said he didn't have

No one said he didn't have great size, but he's not a legit 6'6 was my point

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Tony Wroten had the 2nd

Tony Wroten had the 2nd fastest time in nba combine history with a 3.0 only second to his cousin nate robinson . Just thought people may like to know that since this site failed to post the correct result and at 6'6 may be pound for pound the fastest , most savy gaurd in recent memory . Also Tony is a far more superior gaurd than kendall or lillard period . Kendall was in sports illustrated as a 6th grader and still chose to hold his self back to seem better than his new class . So for a guy who was supposed to be a college junior ya he had a nice iq and mature game . Tony just turned 19 in april and yes he is sometimes sparatic but has a pottential that is unmatched in this draft . Lillard would never workout against tony because he would be destroyed for a job .Tonys aggression is sometimes looked upon as brash but people please dont buy into the hype . Tony is one of the most solid 19 yr old kids you could meet . He has alot to work on Yes !! but that is all that is stated in attemp to downplay this kid . He is a top 5 prospect with what he has right now though ! I will also include some obvious video to prove Tony is a phenom that none of the draft sites have posted to show instead of write to add validity to this message

Leadership ??? At 18 Tony scored 30 on duke in madison square !! there is no way to down play that !while leaders T.ross and Gaddy admited the bright lights of the garden and duke had them a little nervous (understandable) but there was an 18 yr old kid who was fearless . Imagine going to a war and your sargent hesitates and gets people killed while the 18 yr old kid from rotc who was just along for the ride , leads your troops to near victory ...come on generals i mean gms who are you gonna take to lead your next war ??? Romar made a mistake by not giving Tony full rein (I commend Romars Loyalty to his returners so very understandable ) but Tony led the pack 12 in scoring with not a single play called for him . was never even told to post up much much smaller gaurds .shoot lol that was taboo . was specifically told not to shoot ..repeadedly !i saw tony score 50 points in pro am all jumpers two months before . he scored 42 in all star game and was mvp for the 2nd yr and you know the talent of seattle nba guys

Put lillard or kendall at uw under the same scrutiny they would not be record breakers or on espn top plays twice in same month and to be real those guys at 18 wouldnt even have seen the floor people . Put Tony at north carolina or kentucky and there would be no doubt he is a giant magician , he showed you his superboy vision at the jordan game . growing up Kendall was never even better than abdul gaddy but he developed . Check statistics and i gaurantee that Tony is the same age or even younger than some of your top rated highschool seniors especially prep and post grad !! His bad attituide lol Michael Jordan specifically used to tell players at north carolina that they should be honered to be in his presence let alone play basketball with him . MJ talked more sh*t than mayweather as a 18 19 20 yr old kid but now you get to see that weaties , hanes smile . people grow up or atleast refine themselves as will Tony ! As strong minded as you are, when mass media says you cant shoot or make free throws it will play with your mental!!The sickening part of these reviews is that he can actually shoot !! ive seen Tony hit 11 , 12 3s in one game several times growing up ...when that wise gm says heres a few million dollars and your dream come true because we believe in you watch how that brown thing starts dropping in that round thing ! he is a lefty and it is in his blood , his aunt joyce walker - lsu hall of fame , one of the first ladys to play for harlem globetrotters and one of the purest shooters in history knows when he finds it he will never loose it . heres a tip for trainers and coaches , when he leaves it up there and his fingers point towards rim he is automatic ...TRUST . At the fiba games many scouts said undoubtedly he was the number 1 pro prospect and though many people second guess there selves to be popular ...THAT HAS NOT CHANGED . Ask peyton siva of louiville how much of a great team mate tony was and the leadership he had even as a 14 yr old playing up with them , the puzzle that is tony wroten is not hard to put together , in this same yr Tony at 14 droped 38 on the prestigeous boo williams when kendall at 17 was a non factor ? I have seen tony interact with his friends and family for yrs and if tony had 10 dollars he would keep maybe a quarter and give away the 9.75 this is no exageration and something gms should know about his character . you got kids in stolen houses , taking money ,in gang brawls and complete head cases going lottery but you label tony wroten as a bad apple lol as tough as this kid is has he even been suspended for a fight . media is a very powerful tool but im not buying into that Tony is not the top point . As much as critics want Tony to stop half *ssing his game , Stop half *ss reporting . here are some more videos and ya higlights can make anyone look great but if he wasnt great there wouldnt be numerous consistant highlights to make . ps L.O.E is a group of childhood friends that all play college sports and aiming to get degrees in business and communications .

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LOE TV #3 (TWJr working out with BRoy, JCrawford and others):

TW Jr BasketballHilight Mixes:

TW Jr SwishScout:

Tony Wroten Jr Block & Alley Oop Sequence:

TW Jr Jordan Brand Classic game of 2011:

TW Jr 2 ADavis for the dunk:

How many pg's can do this:

Tony Wroten Jr Rotary AAU:

Plus TWJr has won a game with his defense as he blocked an Arizona player's lay up attempt as the clock ran out in Arizona.

People who talk about his broken jumper (JKidd, Rondo anyone?) & high TO to Assist rate at UW (Gaddy ran the pg spot for over 30 plus minutes a game) are stuck on stupid because N'Diaye dropped so many TWJr dimes that hit him right in his hands and the ones that he did catch he didn't finish enough of them off strong at the rim on a consistent enough basis.

In the NBA TWJr will have bigs that can catch and finish his dimes on time at a high rate- TWJr (who just turned 19) will be a steal if he falls out of the top 10 for any team that drafts him plus he's a gym rat not a nite club rat he will only get better with pro shooting coaches & hours in the gym.

I'd love to see a Wroten Jr & Rubio (once healthy) backcourt in Minnesota that would be sick.....

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