Terrence Williams Scouting Report

Adam Ganeles
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Terrence Williams Scouting Report

Terrence Williams

6'6" 220 G/F

The Good: Top level athlete. Extraordinary strength and leaping ability. Perfect NBA specimen. Good ball-handler with excellent court vision. Has played PG at times for Louisville. Looks pass before shot. Can create shots for himself and others. Jump shoot looks fine aesthetically with proper elbow lift and great elevation. Excellent rebounder and instant fast break. Disruptive defender and defensive playmaker.

The Bad: Inconsistent. Can dominate at times, but can be invisible for stretches of games. Lacks aggression and killer instinct often. The definition of a confidence player. If he's knocking down his jumper early he will likely stay hot. When his shot isn't falling he doesn't even look at the hoop, even when unguarded on the perimeter. Gets too fancy when attacking the rim instead of letting his power and athleticism shine. Doesn't finish as well as he should. Despite good form on his jump shot, the shooting percentages are not there. FG%, 3 PT % have improved over his career, but still well below par. FT% is awful which limits his aggressiveness to the hoop, often settling for jumpers. Should get to the foul line 5+ times per game. Takes too many risks on defense to make the spectacular steal or block.

Low Down: Williams has all the tools to be a special player. Does he have the head? Can he harness his skills and understand what type of player he can and should be? Will he ever possess a consistent jumper? If he can ever put it all together he can be a standout at the next level.

Comp: Corey Maggette/Tony Allen

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The thing i like most about

The thing i like most about the guy is that he fill up the whole stat sheet. Assist,points,rebound,steals. He will be a solid bench player in the pros.

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He will have a better pro career than college. Will he ever have a good jumper? No, but he can contribute in a plethora of ways and he is very athletic, has good size and is very strong.

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He is a do everything type of player. I could see him being a defensive stopper/point forward type in the tony allen mold. He is alot like corey maggette but he plays better defense and doesnt shoot it as good. But he is alot more unselfish than maggette is too. He may not develop into a starter but he is a rotation guy, a 24 minutes a game type player at least.

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I'm a fan

Terrence Williams is one of my favorite players in college for the simple fact that he can really stuff the stat sheet. He's a pass first type of player who has all the tools that scouts look for in a wing player. Not to mention he is one of the top atheletes in college who still has quite a bit of potential even though he is a senior. I will be shocked if this guy falls out of the first round. Simply put he's a beast who could end up being a very solid starter in the league. At worst he will be a great player to bring off the bench

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Pass go and land in NY please

perfect player for our new offense. I am hoping we land Terrance williams, sam young or Danny Green. All defenders and high basketball IQ. i would like to see Sam put the ball on the Floor more but i'lll take him. T Will hopefully is not the next reece gaines/taquan dean. but i like him next level the tony allen comparison is great.

Bring it on

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GSC I agree on your overall

GSC I agree on your overall assesment of TWill, but i'd like to add and critique a little. I sit lower level behind UL bench every game which doesnt make me any more observant or intellegent, just noting that i happen to witness TWill in action 15 times a year now for 4 years. His transition to the pros will be comparible to *Richard Jeffereson* in my opinion. RJ was on a great team ( Twill and 09 cards) played the 3, averaged 14 ppg, possesed rare atleticsm and could do everything on the court. TWill has as much upside as anyone in the draft and is somewhat of a late bloomer in the DWade form. However....Twill is an overrated defender and ball handler. yes he averages over 2 stls a game and gets some blocks. But i have seen first hand where he picks up deflections knocked loose by his guards (mcgee, knowles, smith, sosa) quite frequently (pitino press) which boosts his spg #'s. he is not a great on ball defender and never runs through screens, he really does give up on alot of defensive plays. His lateral quickness is not as explosive as you would expect, however he normally plays with intensity. Also, he certainly can take someone off the dribble with his quick first step and athleticism but he doesnt posses a talented array of dribble moves, and often times defenders poke his ball loose. TWill has drastically improved his shot, but is more of a spot up shooter. He has touble creating his own shot quite often and tends to fade away when shooting off the dribble. He has dramatically improved his decision making particularly when driving to the hole. He used to have a heavy tendency to pull up early or take tough, contested shots. He now penetrates much harder and more effectively and makes great decisions. All in all I think Twill will shine in te NBA, he has the ability, the personality and the work ethic to be a star. I say he will go 16-24 in the 1st round

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Awesome stuff. Thanks for

Awesome stuff. Thanks for the reply.

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I Like Williams A Lot Too. He Is A Kid That Just Loves To Play Basketball. Kind Of Reminds Me Of Hines Ward, But In Basketball. Haha, Wierd, I Know. But He PLays Hard All The Time, And Does Alot Of Things Other Guards Won't/Can't Do.

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How can you compare T.Will

How can you compare T.Will to Maggette when you say he needs to get to the line more and Maggette lives at the line getting there 9+ times a game? Plus T.Will actually passes the ball. Maggette is one of the biggest black holes in the NBA.
Apart from both of them having great bodies, they are nothing a like.
Maggette is a terrible comparison for T.Will.

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Paul Pressey part 2

With his all around game and athleticism he kind of reminds me of Paul Pressey.

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If I hadda pick one player from our team he sounds like I think it would have to be Courtny Lee no????

I have never watched this kid play can anyone compare an contrast him to Courtny Lee?

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twill is a better ball

twill is a better ball handler, passer and rebounder. Lee is a better shooter. Probably about even defensively. TWill has quite a bit of potential, but when your a wing and you cant shoot its hard to stay on the court unless you are elite at other thigns and he is still cmoing into his own as an all around player. Lee is better for a halfcourt inside out system. TWill is better for an uptempo team where he can play more free.

Just my opinion.

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I dont know what the issue is

I dont know what the issue is between he and Avery Johnson but I really doubt he reaches his full potential with Avery as the coach. He hasnt given T-Will the proper minutes and has even sent him to the DLeague. TWill should be starting and Travis Outlaw is better suited to be a bench player. He has potential to be Andre Iguadala, but may never full fill it with Avery as the Coach.

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TWilliams plays alot like

TWilliams plays alot like Iguodala...He's 1 of those players that will be better as an energy guy off the bench..he does alot of things,but he's too inconsistent to be a full time starter...

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I disagree that Williams

I disagree that Williams isn't suited as a starter, I think he'd be a great role playing starter on a team with a bona fide superstar, and would flourish as a Pippen type; defends, hustles and makes plays. I think the problem is that the Nets didn't have that clear hierarchy so, like Iguodala he's being pushed into a role he isn't comfortable with. If Iggy and T-Will found themselves alongside a legit, championship level 1st option they would really flourish.

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