Who knew Dragic would be this good?

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Who knew Dragic would be this good?

I think Steve Kerr deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the roster he has put together in Phoenix. To find an unkown point guard that has such a great combination of quicks and shooting ability is not an easy task.

Especially a kid who has the confidence to back up Nash every night. The back up point guard situation has been a nightmare up until this point.

Scoring 23 points in the fourth quarter is an unbelievable feat that many of the game's best have not accomplished yet in their careers, let alone in a pivotal playoff game.

To find out more about the "Dragon", as he is being so aptly deemed now, check out a recent article I wrote about him on

It's a quick read. I promise not to bore you. Dragic is special and the Suns this season for that matter are extremely impressive.

Considering that they weren't even expected to make the playoffs this season, I would say that a potential Western Conference Finals showing definitely constitutes for a successful year.

What do you think about the Dragic kid? One-hit wonder or potential star in this league?

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For most of the year, he was

For most of the year, he was known for getting posterized by Rose. He clearly has skills and a ton of confidence.

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