Chris Bosh Sign and Trade

As everyone knows the Toronto Raptors and Chris Bosh will most likely be reaching a most generous Sign and Trade arrangement on behalf of Chris Bosh's last helping hand to the Toronto Raptors orginization.

Alot of speculation and rumours have been spread around and many players names have been tossed back and forth but as a "Raptor Fan" I really don't like what I'm hearing and it looks like the Raps are going to end up with "Injury Prone" "Overexpensive Contract" player/s.Chris decides where he goes in this type of sign and trade so we cant just trade to Minnesota for all there draft picks like we would want to.

Here are some of the rumours flying around

-Andrew Bynum
-Shannon Brown

-Chris Bosh

To become the future face of the Lakers franchise a team thats not shy about spending over the Cap Limit Chris Bosh would be bound to win at least one championship and explode with marketabillity.

A heavy contract and Allstar Center with an injury plagued career (out of 410 possible career games Bynum has played 278) and injuries only get worse and worse.Bryan Colengelo would be wise just to take Bynum and trade him to another team for youth and Cap Relief.

-Joel Anthony(UFA)
-Micheal Beasley
Miami Heat's 2010 1st Round Draft Pick #18
Miami Heat's 2011 1st Round Draft Pick

-Chris Bosh
-Jose Calderon

To play on a team with argueably the NBA's best competitor and former Finals MVP and definetly
Miami would be the first team in line for any FA role player that wants to win.Miami has needed a true PG as well alderon can fill that hole.

A young player who's skills and potential are currently way better than his value.Even if we don't want to keep Beasley we could probally trade him for another lottery pick.Cap space and young players are the key points to this deal for Toronto.

-Shane Battier
-Jordan Hill
-Jared Jeffries
-Kevin Martin
-Houston Rockets 2010 1st Round Draft Pick #14
-Houston Rockets 2011 1st Round Draft Pick (with option to switch with New York)
-New York Knicks 2012 1st Round Draft Pick

-Chris Bosh

To play on a Defensive orientated team with argueably the best big man in th league (Yao Ming), fastest scoring PG (Aaron Brooks), and an emerging star wing (Trevor Ariza).Also by dumping all there salaries and breaking the Salary Cap Houston would be able to sign a star shooting gaurd (who isnt ball hogging and irrelevent defesively like Martin), like:John Salmons,Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Manu Ginobli, Josh Howard.

This trade looks like the Raps get too much in return but when you take a closer look you see that:
-The picks are set to be 22-30 if everything works out as planned for New York and Houston this offseason
-Martin is an injury plagued SG/SF who jacks up the ball and plays bad defense with a very long contract

The key to this deal is aquiring Jordan Hill and the 14th pick of the draft.

Hopefully the Raptors find a way to clear Cap Space and aquire draft picks and young players this offseason.

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Perfect Trade

Raptors trade Bosh to Hornets for Emeka Okafor and Darren Collison

Raptors then trade Darren Collison to Heat for Michael Beasley

Hornets get a franchise big

Raptors get solid PF/SF and PF/C

Heat get their franchise PG

Bosh is the paired with CP3 and D.West

Raptors are young and explosive a little more versatile change of scenary good for Beasley,,or they trade him for a more polished PF

Collison is now a starter and could thrive with D.Wade and STAT--yes STAT will be in Miami

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Can We Trade to New Orleans

The thing is we may not even be able to trade Bosh to N.O. unless he wants to go there. Also does that Raps team even make it in the playoffs?

The best thing to do is not trade for large contracts... make some money and find a way to get draft picks for next years draft where 3 Canadian players and some "TOUGH" International players are expected to be eligible,Tristan Thompson, Corey Joseph, Robert Sacre, Enes Kanter, Jan Vesely, Fab Melo, Jan Valanciunas.

Toronto has proven to be able to keep International players happy. We need to find a Superstar who will not leave Toronto because he is happy with the surroundings.

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The only benefit the Spurs

The only benefit the Spurs would have with their remaining BAE would be a little extra money to offer a rookie over the $474k minimum.

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In the best of times, Al

In the best of times, Al Horford, at 6-foot-10, 250 pounds, is an under-sized center and more suited to playing power forward.

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