What can we say about Jeff Goodman with this very old article of his?

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What can we say about Jeff Goodman with this very old article of his?

Bulls should have taken Beasley by Jeff Goodman--- the reason why I want to show this back is because I want y'all to know what kind of a dumbass Jeff Goodman is...

In tabbing Rose as the No. 1 pick over skilled forward Michael Beasley, the Bulls won the press conference.

Paxson can strut through the Windy City as the hero. Fans will shake his hand and congratulate him for making a wise decision.

But that only lasts so long.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of Rose and his potential. He had a great run in the NCAA tournament a year ago when his Memphis Tigers needed him most. Well, up until he forgot to foul Mario Chalmers.

But we won't talk about that. It's ancient history.

Now, while Paxson will try and sell the fact that Rose can be brought along slowly, he will instantly become the face of the Bulls and the expected cornerstone of a franchise that has a head coach who has yet to coach a game at any level.

This wasn't fair to do to Chicago rookie coach Vinny Del Negro.

Del Negro needs instant help — and that's what Beasley would have been.

There's a reason why no one has taken a point guard with the No. 1 overall pick since Magic Johnson nearly three decades ago. (Allen Iverson was taken first in 1996, but he's not a point guard).

If it's a toss-up, always go big.

It worked out for Houston when they took Yao Ming over Jay Williams in 2002. When Chicago selected Elton Brand over Stevie Francis in 1999.

Sure, it doesn't always work out. Remember when Milwaukee opted to go with The Big Dog, Glenn Robinson, over Jason Kidd back in 1994. Even the Clippers taking the Candy Man, Michael Olowokandi instead of Mike Bibby back in 1998.


But for the most part, the big guy is the way to go.

Paxson was swayed by the hometown vote and now he'll pray that Rose makes him look like a genius.

There was even some thought that Beasley would actually slip all the way to No. 3 after Miami boss Pat Riley was supposedly concerned with "character issues." That O.J. Mayo would be taken second overall.

Now it appears as though it was a smoke-screen all along. Maybe Riley tricked Paxson into taking Rose by scaring him away from Beasley.

There were the character issues, but no one could really figure out what they actually were. So, the kid likes to pull a few pranks. The bottom line is that every single coach Beasley's had raves about him. His teammates love him as well because he's unselfish.

D-Wade is going to love him down in Miami.

Beasley only measured in at 6-foot-8 and change with shoes and some people were shocked. Are you seriously telling me that an extra inch is the difference between him being worthy of the No. 1 pick?

Guards are far easier to obtain than multi-dimensional frontcourt players who can score inside and out and can pull down double-digit rebounds with frequency. There's Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Deron Williams. C'mon, the Boston Celtics won the NBA title this past season with RAJON RONDO running the team.

Rose is unselfish and, while Memphis coach John Calipari would have you believing he's a leader, he's not. He's quiet and had an ideal situation for his lone season in college in which he had upperclassmen such as Antonio Anderson and Chris Douglas-Roberts to provide the leadership.

Rose is still a ways away — and may never become Paul or Williams. He's been blessed with physical gifts of a rare combination of speed and athleticism, but he's not a superb passer.

I don't want to hear about the fact that Rose took his team further than Beasley.

Put Rose on the Kansas State Wildcats and they don't even make it to the Big Dance.

Beasley carried his team to the NCAA tournament and even won a game in the Big Dance — all without a bona fide point guard.

The Bulls needed both a point guard and a frontcourt scorer. They went for the floor leader.

When in doubt, always go with size.

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That guy is a clown. A lot of

That guy is a clown. A lot of people in Chicago were saying take Beasley, although most said Rose.

The part that really gets me is when he said Rose is not a leader. His teammates all say that he is shy and humble off the court, but far from it on the court.

Mariotti wanted Beasley as well.

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"There was even some thought that Beasley would actually slip all the way to No. 3 after Miami boss Pat Riley was supposedly concerned with "character issues." That O.J. Mayo would be taken second overall."

Seems like Riley was onto something...

Anyway, give Goodman a break. Everybody makes mistakes, and he wasn't the only one who felt this way. I always liked Rose more, but everybody thought Beasley was the next 20-10 guy.

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"won the NBA title this past season with RAJON RONDO running the team."

After his whole beasley rant hahaha
Goodman as a paid journalist is about as reliable as Shira Springer...
Rondos ability to control the ball and get anywhere on the floor was top five for a 1 the second he stepped on an nba court, this guys a MORON

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Great Post..

Great Post..Jeff Goodman is suppose to be a well seasoned College Basketball Writer..Even they can be bias in their reporting....I can remember in 1984..When a few Chicago writers were upset that the Bulls fail to obtain Olajuwon..Some said Jordan wasnt a franchise type player..And he didn't have great scoring skills...Some said he'll be another Walter Davis..Jordan Thanked them all for giving him motivation in his Hall of Fame acceptance as they say time will tell..It's been 2 years since the 2008 draft..And looks like The Bulls picked the right guy...What made Rose the choice over Beasley was the fact..Rose was the type of player that can make his teammates better..Beasley still has a chance to be an AllStar..It seems to me he's lost his passion for the game..Beasley have the talent to be a double-double guy on a nightly basis..Miami should recommend that he attend Summer League games this year....Maybe playing in that enviroment and seeing guys that are fighting for jobs will inspire him to realize ..What a great opportunity he's been given and he should try his best to become better...

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People you need to know this

People you need to know this most writer just write their opinion. their opinion means about the same as any of our opinions but they have a forum that makes them seem like they know better. Pat Riley was dumb to take Beasley. I knew Beasley was not the right pick for them early on. Beasley will go somewhere and be a good to great player but he was not a good fit for the team and when you dont fit in sometimes imaturity can take over. OJ Mayo and Wade would have been a beast of a backcourt.

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he said that teams should

he said that teams should always go big, with the exception of glenn robinson over jason kidd and kandi man over bibby. funny thing is, people on this site have been comparing beasley to glenn robinson, as a guy that can put up numbers but wont win too much. this article only proves their point.

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