NBA Pick 'Em... Choose Ya Team

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NBA Pick 'Em... Choose Ya Team

Pick one player from each of the 5 bracketsand hit me with a blurb about what image you want your team to have.

PG: Chris Paul/Deron Wiliams
SG: Kobe Bryant/ Dwyane Wade
SF: Lebron James/Kevin Durant
PF: Dirk Nowitzki/Chris Bosh
C: Dwight

PG: Steve Nash/Derrick Rose
SG: Brandon Roy/Joe Johnson
SF: Carmelo Anthony/Paul Pierce
PF: Amar'e Stoudemire/Pau Gasol
C:Brook Lopez/Andrew Bogut

PG: Chauncy Billups/Russell Westbrook
SG: Steven Jackson/Monta Ellis
SF: Andre Iguodala/Danny Granger
PF:Tim Duncan/Kevin Garnett
C: Andrew Bynum/Chris Kaman

PG: Rajon Rondo/Tony Parker
SG: Manu Ginobili/OJ Mayo
SF: Rudy Gay/Josh Smith
PF: Carlos Boozer/David Lee
C: Marc Gasol/Andrea Bargnani

PG: Tyreke Evans/Brandon Jennings/Stephen Curry
SG: Vince Carter/Ray Allen
SF: Gerald Wallace/Danillo Gallinari
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge/Zach Randolph
C: Al Jefferson/Al Horford

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PG- RondoSG-Ray

PG- Rondo
SG-Ray Allen
PF- Duncan
C- Dwight

Major defense down low, big time scorers with Melo and Allen, and more defense at the PG. Rondo has shown that he can be elite with elite talent around him.

And Melo would be the only who would command the ball.

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PG - Billups SG - Ray

PG - Billups
SG - Ray Allen
SF - LeBron
PF - Pau Gasol
C - Marc Gasol

Shooters in Ray and Chauncey
LeBron takes care of the offense
High Post with Pau
Low Post with Marc

Both Gasol over 10 Rebounds a game, both great low post passers
Billups and Ray both clutch shooters

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PG: Chris Paul/Deron

PG: Chris Paul/Deron Wiliams
SG: Kobe Bryant/ Dwyane Wade
SF: Lebron James/Kevin Durant
PF: Dirk Nowitzki/Chris Bosh
C: Dwight

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derrick rose kobe bryant rudy

derrick rose
kobe bryant
rudy gay
zach randolph
andrew bynum

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PG:Rose SG:Allen SF:Wallace P


Good inside D,Unselfish team,Good rebounding team,Not that great of a shooting team but I could live with it:D

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PG - Rajon Rondo SG - Ray

PG - Rajon Rondo
SG - Ray Allen
SF - Danny Granger
PF - Pau Gasol
C - Dwight Howard

Howard and Rondo are the best defensive players in the league at their respective positions, while Granger and Gasol are solid.

On offense Rondo is the distributer, Allen the shooter. Granger is also a very good shooter and can take the ball to the hole when needed. Allen and Granger should be able to stretch the floor and open up the inside for Pau and Dwight to dominate.

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black mamba

PG - Chris Paul
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Lebron James
PF - Amare Stoudemire
C - Dwight Howard

Dream team

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