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Whats up fellas? I've been reading the board for about 2 years now, love the discussions that go on here and decided to finally make an account.

I'm a die-hard UK fan through thick and thin (not some John Wall bandwagoner), but I'm a huge NBA fan as well. My favorite NBA team is the OKC Thunder because my favorite player, Kevin Durant, has turned me into a fan.

Anyway, I look forward to posting on here and I love John Bryant jokes.

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Welcome to the insanity. I

Welcome to the insanity. I hope your skin is thick. And watch out for this guy:

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He is the welcoming commitee.

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Haha OrangeJuiceJones is a

Haha OrangeJuiceJones is a funny dude. I've already read the welcoming thread by him... good stuff LOL

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Welcome to the site! We at

Welcome to the site! We at hope you stick around past the draft.

You see that guy standing next to Dwight? His name's Aran, and he runs this site, not that major doucher tli232. Ha. I said major doucher. I'm gonna go smack myself now.

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Only a major doucher would say major doucher...

The scientific term is, "Ultimate Douche".

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