The "NBA Body"

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The "NBA Body"

What really is the "NBA Body"?

Some say, an NBA body is:

PG: Chris Paul
SG: Andre Iguodala
SF: LeBron James
PF: Amar'e Stoudemire
C: Dwight Howard

But really.. Do we need this so-called "NBA Body"? Or is it just another hole in drafting? And another fly to swat for me?

Did Allen Iverson have an NBA body? No, but he's still the greatest scoring PG of all time. Does Chris Bosh have an NBA body? He's skinny and lanky and he's still a solid 24-10 guy. What about KG? He's also skinny and lanky and he's the 2nd or 3rd best PF of all time. Kevin Durant doesn't have that NBA body and he's within the top 5 players in the league. Steve Nash gets pushed around and he's got back to back MVP awards. Another one I absolutely LOVE is Dirk Nowitzki. This guy has got girl shoulders and no beef on his arms but he's possibly the greatest shooting big man of all time.

Is there really an NBA body? If we really look into it.. the NBA body is just another thing to say when you have something negative to say about another player.

Now before you hit that negative button.. Think about it.


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"The NBA body is just another

"The NBA body is just another thing to say when you have something negative to say about another player."

I disagree. Saying someone has a "NBA Body" is a positive... A compliment. It means that a player is physcially ready to compete in the NBA, which is every bit of a man's game and more.

There are always going to be skinny or ill-built players like Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, etc... However, those guys have extremely high skill levels, etc that majority of players can only dream about. Majority of players in the NBA are huge though... Strong. Even the scrubs are strong and jacked up. And if a player is skinny, he's probably wire strong.

If a player doesn't have a NBA ready body, it's definitely looked at as a negative... However, if a player is highly skilled, etc, it can be overlooked. Afterall, everybody can get bigger/stronger through weight lifting, etc. I mean, Kevin Garnett isn't the skinny kid he once was coming out of high school. He's at least 230-240 lbs now.

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NBA body is important

an NBA body is a good precursor to success. If your skills are mediocre but your 6'10 260 rock solid you can learn on the fly since you wont be getting tossed around like a ragdoll. Plus bringing up AI and Durant doesnt help because each of them is a one of a kind freak of nature that had never existed before. And if you were to create your own pg in nba2k10 are you telling me he doesnt end up being derrick rose

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most players need to get

most players need to get stronger while they are in the nba. It's probably less important for pg's, but even the skinniest guys like pippen and KG add a lot of muscle over their career. When a scouting report lists a guy as having an nba body, that just means he should be ready to take the physical contact right away and has less need to spend time in the weight room. Does it mean everything? No, but its not a bad thing to take into consideration when evaluating a player.

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Personally the whole NBA

Personally the whole NBA body, loads of potential, extremely long and athletic is all BS to me. If a prospect has it, great, but if the prospect does not have the propensity to learn how to play the game of basketball and be a successful basketball player, all that I mentioned above is irrelevant. Give me a guy with a good set of skills, average to above average athleticism with a body that can fill out, and you will get a player who will contribute in the NBA. Of course as mentioned above there are guys who are unorthodox, but they are the exception. Once you get to the NBA, coaches want to make sure you're able to contribute right away. The guys who enter the draft who are not ready to contribute are just being foolish and would rather have money over success, which if that is what they want then that is fine.

My point is that a guy doesn't need to be super athletic, or have an NBA body to be a very successful player in the league. It is what a player desire most from themselves is what will make them successful.

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Knicksfan7 I think you hit


I think you hit the nail on the head. It would be nice to have an "NBA Body", but if you can play you can flat out play. I agree whole heartedly on the statement you made last too about the desire to be successful. I feel that a drive and the ability to win games comes within through mental toughness and wanting it more than your opponent. There's a great saying that applies to this topic, "The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong".

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I think NBA body means nothing , as well as combine results. All the websites were so critical when Durant couldnt bench 185. They said it might effect draft stock!! Imagine that. Also remeber Joe Alexander whose results were off the charts. He didnt even get a contract extension. How pathetic.

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Wrong associations

Can you say That people such as Lebron James and Dwight Howard have NBA bodies? They are both ripped beyond belief, and I believe it's rare to find someone with the muscle mass and agility that their bodies possess. I think an NBA body that is more negotiable for SF would be Odom, Lewis, or Melo. and for C's to be like Joel Pyzbilla, Where they more have the size and weight, not necessarily the freakish atheletic ability of Dwight Howard or Lebron James. To say that James and Howard have the "NBA Body" is going beyond the norm of an NBA body for their respective position.

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything knicksfan7 said, but for the potential arguement, why Chris Paul??? he's 6' 175,...if you were going by the "NBA body" wouldn't someone like Derrick Rose or Deron Williams be a more prototypical body.

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When drafting teams can fall

When drafting teams can fall in love with someones size, the bulls for example took james johnson last year mostly because he has lebron-esqe size and isn't slow.

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