Will Orlando Sweep the Atlanta Hawks?

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Will Orlando Sweep the Atlanta Hawks?

It seem like Game 1 was over after Dwight & Vince got going in the 2nd quarter...Orlando outscored the Hawks 28-10 in the 2nd quarter and 32-11 in the 3rd....Some thought the Magic would come out rusty..But despite a week off, the Magic was like a well oiled machine..The poor Hawks didn't know what hit them..The players must've been worrying about their wives appearing on the show Basketball Wives ..Or they were dealing with hangovers after being out partying with Cavs players Sunday night...Fans started leaving in the 3rd quarter..Thank goodness the Cavaliers & Hawks aren't playing each other in the 2nd round..Becuz both teams seem lost ..Straight up the Hawks were plain pitiful..The star players were so embarrassed backup center Zaza Paculia was sent to the podium to talk to the media after the game..Joe Johnson was 0-4 beyond the arc,finishing with 10 points..Mike Bibby had 2 points,Al Horford had 4 points & Jamaal Crawford had only 5 points..But Game 1 win shouldn't come as too big of a surprise.. Someone in Orlando must've stolen the Hawks playbook..Becuz Orlando sweep the Hawks in all 4 regular season games they played..And 3 of the 4 games were BLOWOUTS!!!

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I still think they'll win one

I still think they'll win one or two home games, they're a good team

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no Atl will get one of their

no Atl will get one of their home games. ATL is a great team but they play average a lot. They have championship talent but play like scrubs from time time which is not enough against a deep Orlando team where they are hungry.

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