Why not draft Kenny George ?

I would say, it would be very smart to draft a BIG man. He is about 7'7 tall, he got amazing rebounding skills, he is very good in the paint, AND he have about 5 blocks (or more) per game.

He is just what the Mavs needs. Because we (the mavs) have many shooters. and of course we cant hit every shot - so why not have a 7'7 tall man inside to rebound ? he have amazing skills in the paint.

Actully he dosen't have that many injury problems. he got just a many as the most NBA players. Yes he is a little old, but hey ? he is goddammit 7'7 tall ! he could out play Yao Ming EVERY time.

He isen't even in the mock draft. can anyone tell me, why he ISEN'T a good draft pick ? We -the mavs have a pick number 50. You CANT get any goooood players... i would for SURE take Kenny George..

Chech him out, and give a comment ;)

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I would check him out But I

I would check him out
But I am all for Drafting a big man with those 2nd round picks
may be Samhan,Art Parakhouski etc

btw mavs are scouting Tim Ohlbrecht& Tibor Pliess from Germany which isn't good

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Didn't he have part of one of

Didn't he have part of one of his feet amputated? Besides, being 7'7 doesn't automatically establish you as a force in the NBA. If that was true, then Sun Ming-Ming, who's 7'8, would be putting up double-doubles in the league on a nightly basis. He still has to worry about agility, foot speed, awareness, etc.

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A few years ago, using a 2nd round pick on him may have been fine, since the majority of last 2nd rounders don't pan out anyway...

But dude had half a foot amputated. His basketball career is over.

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