Your favorite second round NBA prospect?

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Your favorite second round NBA prospect?

Who is it?

-Check out http://www.realsportsnet,com

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As a Marquette fan, I m

As a Marquette fan, I m pulling for Lazar Hayward. I love how Wes went undrafted last year and ended up a starter for one of the best teams in the league. I hope Lazar can contribute next year.

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WVU Fan here.. Da'Sean

WVU Fan here..

Da'Sean Butler..

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Jarvis Varnado, amazing shot

Jarvis Varnado, amazing shot blocker for his size, does all the dirty work and think he could be a solid hustle player off the bench for a good team.

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Lance Stephenson if he goes

Lance Stephenson if he goes in round 2.

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I Hate KU but

Sherron Collins he will be a solid back up I can feel it if Chicago gets a 2nd rounder watch they pick him for sure

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Denis Clemente. The pride and

Denis Clemente. The pride and joy of Puerto Rico and the KANSAS STATE WILDCATS

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Scottie Reynolds needs to be drafted and will be good back up...he was an all american

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Not sure if hes really a 2nd

Not sure if hes really a 2nd round guy, i see him going high-20s, but a few mock drafts have Domonique Jones in the 2nd round, and hes a guy i like alot..

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A few

Craig Brackins-not sure if he has a position but can score.
Gani Lawal- This guy works like mbah a moute but is scary potential wise on OFF.
Jordan Crawford- Anybody who dunked on lebron has to have some game. I mean look at this
Jimmer Fredette- Freaky good shooter of the bounce. Instant offense. Game alot like JJ only better handles.
Sylen Landesberg- Is going to be good. He is a talent nobody got to see cause of grades.
Jerome Randle- He is crafty. Poor mans Jamear Nelson. Better shooter to.

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Slim Manny Harris.

Slim Manny Harris.

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brian zoo animal zoubek

brian zoo animal zoubek

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Greivis Vasquez

Greivis Vasquez

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Matt Bouldin- love his

Matt Bouldin- love his game...truly think he can make a NBA team

Charles Garcia- smooth 3/4 and think he'll be a steal

Andy Rautins- proved he's more than a shooter, hopefully land somewhere

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Kenneth Faried from Morehead

Kenneth Faried from Morehead St. he is a little bit undersized for the 4 but he can get you a double double every game and a good all around defender, I believe he could do the same in the pros.

omar dayze
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randle and varnado

i love Randle's ability to have his defender on a string... will be alot tougher at the next level, and im wondering if theres room for him after the PG-loaded draft last year, but id love to see him land on a decent team and be a sparkplug.

As for Varnado, ive always loved playin defence over offense and this guy embodies that... NCAA all time leader in blocks, and in about 29mpg. you gotta give it up to him.

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Manny Harris, from my

Manny Harris, from my hometown

Ishmael Smith, if he even gets drafted

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Da'Sean Butler, i hope he

Da'Sean Butler, i hope he recovers well from his torn acl
and become a contributor in the nba

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Kevin Seraphin if he slipped

Kevin Seraphin if he slipped to the 2nd round,big fan of the kid tbh
Manny Harris,Varnado too

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Pondexter is a 2nd rounder in this sites mock draft, but as for the real second rounder..

Derrick Caracter- I'm from Jersey..I gotta pull for him

Jerome Jordan- Your honestly going to tell me that at the end of his career Bill Wennington will have been better nthen Jerome Jordan? I'm talking stats and hustle points (Tommy points for you Celtic fans). Jerome will be a servoceable NBA center for the next decade.

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2nd Round Gaurenteed contributors

Kevin Ubiles
Kenneth Faried
Willie Warren
Derrick Caracter has to go to an east coast team with big bodies / Potentially with motivation
Charles Garcia slower anthony randolph
Quincy Pondexter Ryan Gomes 2.0
Samardo Samuels Solid big man space eater like caracter

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Jerome Jordan

I like Jerome Jordan as a backup center... Though not as athletic as DeAndre (not related), I think he will be serviceable... Probably even better than his comparison, POB!

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2nd rounders

Kenneth Faried- undersized but a hard worker and a double-double machine.... imporved every year while at morehead state...

Da'Sean Butler- i really hope someone gives him a shot...this kid was the most clutch person in college last year....

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i really like elijah millsap,

i really like elijah millsap, big time athlete and a big rebounder for a him and ryan thompson

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Jerome Dyson. This guy has

Jerome Dyson. This guy has talent that cannot be teached. He's an attacking penetrator who's virtually impossible to stay in front of. Will definitely make a roster and have an impact similar to Marcus Thornton. Although, he lacks the consistency on his outside J, feel like with work he'll improve and become a Leandro Barbosa type, just a complete problem in the open court. And he's a relentless defender with long arms who'll get after it and into ppl's face. I'll draft him over Avery Bradley any day....

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Wayne Chism no doubt.

Wayne Chism no doubt.

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Undrafted steal

JP Prince interests me as an undrafted steal.

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Jordan Crawford, but I think

Jordan Crawford, but I think he goes RD 1
Sylven Landesberg
Alexey Shved
Derrick Caracter
DaSean Butler

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Absolutely one of the most dominant players in the college ranks...when he puts his mind to it. Can be a solid NBA player...i think Samardo along with Butler from WVU will have a lot of NBA teams going how did we miss on them.

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I say Willie Warren & Lance

I say Willie Warren & Lance Stephenson if they slide that far

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