D.Rose and Calipari might be together again next season

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D.Rose and Calipari might be together again next season

Kentucky coach John Calipari is intrigued with the Chicago Bulls’ coaching job and would be willing to listen to a pitch from management, NBA and NCAA sources told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday.

Sources say the combination of roster talent, tradition and market make Chicago one of the few NBA jobs that could pry Calipari out of Kentucky. The Bulls have been hesitant to pay the $4 million-$5 million annual packages it would take to lure high-profile coaches like Calipari.

Bulls general manager Gar Forman fired coach Vinny Del Negro on Monday night.

Calipari could be an intriguing candidate on several levels for the Bulls. He coached Bulls star point guard, Derrick Rose(notes), at the University of Memphis, and his strong ties with the powerful agency, CAA, could give the organization leverage in free agency this summer.

Calipari is close with Cleveland’s LeBron James(notes), and shares representation with two of the Bulls’ top free-agent targets – Miami’s Dwyane Wade(notes) and Toronto’s Chris Bosh(notes).

Sources say Calipari “hasn’t connected” with Kentucky’s athletic administration in his first year on the job, and that could contribute to his willingness to rekindle a long-standing goal of realizing NBA success.

Calipari has returned Kentucky to prominence, winning 35 games and advancing within a victory of the Final Four. He has four freshman, including expected No. 1 pick John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, who also is expected to be a high lottery pick. He’s already recruited a top five national class for next season.

Calipari coached the New Jersey Nets for three tumultuous seasons from 1996-99, reaching the playoffs once. He also had complete control of basketball operations. His ego and immaturity at the time caused him to clash with ownership, players and media, but most agree that Calipari has grown a lot since those days and would be better equipped at the pros.

I wonder will he be able to get the top players in the NBA like he does in the NCAA and can he coach millionaires who on some nights probably wont listen to him rather then teaching college kids?

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He should stay at UK. He is

He should stay at UK. He is a great college coach simply because he is a phenomenal recruiter. He is not the best Xs and Os guy, but he is able to get the best talent to come to his schools. To be a successful NBA coach, your going to need to be a good game planner and strategic coach which I have yet to see from Calipari. If he wants to succeed, he should stay in the NCAA IMO.

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if he left, would Kanter go back to udub? where would Knight go with Selby at Kansas? Would Lamb join KU? Or would all these blue chips stay at UK? Arizona would be a possible destination for Lamb aswell.

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I don't know much about

I don't know much about calipari's nba experience yet, but from what I have seen so far, I think it's a 50/50 for him being a succesful NBA coach, just for the fact that He has to have big time players to do well. now we all know that big time players are in the NBA but recruiting big times for college is not similar to having big time players on a NBA team. so if He ends up having Rose, and maybe LeBron, I think He can do damages, at least He will use LeBron better than Mike Brown is doing. But will He be able to get those type of players? not sure.

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