Now how would you rank BYU?

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Now how would you rank BYU?

"BYU guard Michael Loyd Jr. is transferring after playing two seasons for the Cougars"

I figured he would be ready to have an even bigger role for them next year. Since he was getting good minutes and had a few great games i dont think he will be going to another mid-major school

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It matters less than whether

It matters less than whether Jimmer Fredette gets his solid guarantee in one of the three workouts he has scheduled this week (yesterday, Wednesday, and Friday). If he is gone, BYU becomes just another MWC team. If he returns, teams can fill voids left by role players even those who were as good as Loyd was in the tournament.

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Its gonna be a very tight

Its gonna be a very tight race between them Unlv, and San deigo state, and New mexico too if Hobson comes back, they should get at least four teams in, and any of those four can win it.

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It's all about the Jimmer here. BYU is always solid, but with Fredette returning, they have an all-america candidate and a guy that can score in bunches. Loyd was promising but is easier to replace than JF. Regardless BYU will probably still be dancing in March.

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I want Loyd to come to Kansas

I want Loyd to come to Kansas State. He's a quick and pretty athletic guard in the Patrick Beverley mold.

I think BYU will be a decent team, but with Freddette I think I'd rather say they get in the tourny than to bet against them. Wouldn't surprise me if they were an NIT team though. They also lose Johnathan Taverani, a mismatch problem for a good deal of MWC teams

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