Did the Cavs party too much Sunday nite?

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Did the Cavs party too much Sunday nite?

Becuz it seems like nobody on that team played with any energy or emotion..I know Lebron is nursing a sore arm..But com'on..On the night he's given the MVP Award in front of his home crowd..His play was lathargic ..While He did finished with 24 points, but he was too passive the 1st 3 quarters..He didnt play with that cockiness and there wasnt any passion in his play..He looked Drained..He didnt attack the Celtics defense like he did in the 2nd half of Game 1..Guard Mo Williams had a solid game saturday..But was a no-show monday night..And after the game Coach Brown called him out..Maybe someone needs to call out Coach Brown and tell him since he doesnt have many offensive plays.Why doesnt he allow the team to run more? Even the normally aggressive Varejeo seemed uninterested..Parker was signed for his defense..But could do nothing to stop Rondo...Who did as he pleased against the Cavs guards..The Celtics have been great for 6 of the 8 quarters of this series.Cavs better be awoke for the next game in Boston..

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yeah, the game was ugly,

yeah, the game was ugly, Boston turned it over every second possesion and the Cavs still couldn't get the lead

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I loved every minute of it!!

Lehype got exposed, the Cavs are phonies and they have been hyped up all year long. 38fts to 18fts and they still lost by 18 at home on MVP night LMAO. We will see who the real MVP is come June(Black Mamba). I will have my eyes open come Friday, I know the refs will continue to bail out the Cavs to keep them in the game.

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Party too much after a Game 1 win?

Gotta give the Celtics credit so far they've outplayed the Cavs in the series.
Rite now the Cavs team isn't playing well they pulled out Game 1 thanks to Lebron being clutch late.
Game 2 they were awful and need to win Game 3.

Why would Anthony Parker be able to stop Rondo he's way too quick for him he was bought over here to deal with the bigger guards since Delonte West was stuck being a big mismatch last year.
The coach is clueless when it comes to plays thats for sure he's all talk and nm action he makes no real adjustments.
I don't mind them not running becaz in transition they took too many jumpers esp. Mo Williams.
Shaq wasn't good either missing so many easy baskets and he didn't rebound much.
I would run more plays for Antwan Jamison
They had a chance late despite playing awful defense.
Why not use Big Z a lil at least he can shoot and the team struggled shooting doesn't hurt to put him in.
Rasheed Wallace and the Celtics bench was really good too.
Celtics fouled the Cavs a lot in the 2nd quarter which led them back in the game.
If they hit their free throws and play better D should still win this series, I bet now they know their in a fight.

Lakers fans shouldn't talk about being bailed out by the refs becaz they get the benefit of calls every game.
Do I have to start giving out examples and links going back to the Kings - Lakers series in 2002 even CWebb threw out it there to Shaq on Sunday night on TNT.
Stop hating on Lebron he's allowed to have an off night.
How did the Lakers do in Game 4 against the Thunder, they were lucky that the Thunder didn't box out Gasol end of GAme 6.
Doesn't Kobe have almost as many asts as turnovers in the playoffs?
Kobe isn't the MVP of his own team rite now thats Gasol or did you miss the Thunder series.
Pretty easy advancing when your going up against the youngest team ever probably who are short on bigs.
Now Utah a team missing 2 starters they have no Center just a bunch of 2nd round picks surrounding Deron and Boozer.

Stop panicing over 1 win even Kobe said after 2-2 its not a must win no team panics after 1-1.

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Did you look at the

Did you look at the free-throw advantage that the Thunder had every home game? It wasn't even close, so I'm not sure how you're saying the Lakers get bailed out every game.

And as far as the Lakers vs Kings in 2002... That's the past.

The Lakers aren't lucky about anything. Gasol continuing to play (unlike Collison and Ibaka) after Kobe's game winner attempt missed wasn't luck. They outplayed the Thunder majority of that game. The Thunder made a run when Kobe was on the bench. If anything, the Thunder should be happy they shot 20 or so more free-throws than the Lakers. Honestly, that's what kept them in the game.

Everything else you said is irrellivant. It doesn't matter how hurt or young a team is in the playoffs. There is no sympathy in the NBA. You win and advance.

I do think it's time for Cleveland to panic somewhat. Boston outplayed them for three quarters in game one. Outplayed them for nearly four whole quarters in game two. All this taking place on Cleveland's home floor. Boston has looked like the better team thus far and have stolen the homecourt advantage.

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Yeah okay guy, I wasn't

Yeah okay guy, I wasn't talking about the free throw difference or the calls in the series between the Thunder and the Lakers. I just love how the Cavs lose and Lebron is being killed last I checked the Celtics are a pretty good team.
When does a team panic after being tied 1 in a series, they should bed thrilled to be tied considering how they've played.
If they bounce back and win Game 3 they'll probably win the series in 6 or 7.

That is luck that Gasol got the tip in, its lack of experience on the Thunders part not boxing out.
Not that it would've made a huge diff since the Lakers would've won Game 7 most likely anyway.
I doubt the Thunder are getting calls over the Lakers now I think it was closer to 15 more free throw attempts and thats their game they get to the line.

Regular season the Lakers are 17th in the league in free throw attempts
The Thunder are 3rd in the league.

Durant was tied with Lebron for most free throws attemped during the regular season about 3 more a game than Kobe.
Also when the Thunder were blowing out the Lakers and they had the 2nd and 3rd stringers in don't you think those guys are just going shoot jump shots when the game is over.
Kobe only played 32 and 29 mins in the Games 3 and 4, he also took 11 3 pointers in Game 3.
Look at the players Fisher and Artest don't do much offensively except take jumpers, and Westbrooks most of his game is drivng to the basket.

Everything else is relevant u just don't agree with it.
The Lakers and Kings is the past but the fact is Kobe, Shaq and the rest of the Lakers don't deserve that ring.
If it was the Kings getting the calls i'm sure ppl wouldn't forget so easily.
The league just tries to brush it off but ppl know what really happened.

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